No other reason to state that I was born today, August 27th, than to announce the obvious…I was born.

I will continue to celebrate whatever and whenever I can without depression, without fear and anxiety. I will continue to celebrate with the breath, creative energy and courage and strength flowing inside me and I will move forward in good faith, happiness and peace. Happy birthday to me!! LDS

Lorrie Denise Sargent, aka “Lolo.” I gave myself that name because my mother told me I could not pronounce my name properly.

Me and Santa

I was born with the “family forehead.” Tee, hee! *snort*

One of many fancy dresses my late Aunt Annie, my father’s childless married sister bought for me.

Me with one of two dolls I still have, Cassabooba. Except an evil babysitter, Brigette, cut off both my doll’s hair cause she was jealous I had them.

To this day I love being naked!

Humbled that I got to live this long!!

(Bday pix at top courtesy of Pinterest/Red Bubble)


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