About L.D.

L.D. Sargent (Lorrie Denise), a native/resident of San Francisco, California, was a young girl with lofty dreams of becoming a television comedy star. She began acting training in her hometown at the American Conservatory Theater and she trained and performed at local theaters. L.D. moved to Los Angeles, California, but she gave up acting and focused on writing plays. She joined playwrights groups and co-produced plays for stage readings and live performances in Los Angeles, Ca.


L.D. had a mention in the Los Angeles Times for her staged play, Memoirs, 1987. In 1989 L.D. became a proud AWARD WINNING playwright, awarded the Los Angeles Inner City Cultural Center’s Short Play Competition for her play, The Fear of Brotherhood. In 2000 L.D.’s play, Crooked Letter, I won the San Francisco Theatre Bay Area C.A.S.H. Grant Award. L.D. also wrote television scripts, her work was featured in two popular 1990s television shows; In Living Color (Season 5) and Married With Children (Season 6). L.D. wrote articles for the San Francisco Chronicle and My Bay Area Life magazine. L.D.’s writing style is candid and personal with a “quirky” comedic flair.

* * * * * * *

L.D. is published author of Fiction and non-fiction and she is a knitter and crafts person.  L.D. earned degrees in Early Childhood Development and Developmental Psychology.

“If there are birds in the sky, I CAN fly” LDS

More about L.D. can be found HERE.


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