Exposed Brick

I have a couple of plans in the making.  I plan to move to NYC because it is only about five hours from Paris.  Actually, I would LOVE to live the rest of my life in Paris, but I refuse to give up my American citizenship. So yea, I’m moving to NYC to be close to Paris, France basically. And, I want to live within exposed brick, I absolutely love the aesthetic of exposed brick!  If that means I will be an elderly woman walking up 15 flights of stairs in a 1910 Edwardian because the elevator never works, so be it.  Let me explain. brick bedroomNo one ever gets exactly what they want, I get that.  But, I WILL have what I want especially at this time in my life because I finally understand that if you don’t believe you deserve something you won’t get that something. I have finally learned to believe in what I want because I spent my entire life giving everyone and everything what they want.  I want what I call, Universal Reciprocity. 

I am a good, loving, dutiful and conscientious daughter; I am a good, loving and conscientious pet owner; I am a good employer; timely and honest taxpayer; I am a productive American citizen who volunteers at soup kitchens and I give some of my possessions away from time to time.  Why shouldn’t my universe give me reciprocity?

brick room 3What in hell does “exposed brick” have to do with U.R. you ask?  Well, in MY world, exposed brick  embraces earth to stone, earth tt or are buried beneath.  Brick is our flesh and soil and we respect it for what it is and from where it comes. I respect the earth not just as the interior of my domain or the exterior of an old building, but as a piece of the universe that I live amongst. I want Universal Reciprocity so that I may live where I choose to live and love whom I feel needs my love and I want to travel where I feel most comfortable. Well, I want that and money and a decent way to make a living that doesn’t suck up my entire being. But, that’s another blog. I want one other thing. I want acknowledgement from my so-called peers. Let me explain. brick bathroomIf I praise the works of established artists, I expect those artists to “follow” me and “tweet” me or whatever it is, Facebook, Twitter, Flashagram, stripagram, flipagram, whatever, and praise me the way I praise them. They don’t have to “in box” me or DM me, or whatever the hell the terminologies are. Just no more one-sided praise to people whom I don’t know or have anything invested in other than purchasing their works.  If I tell the world your CD or TeeVee show or movie is great, you should be telling the world my self-published book is great or that keychain I knitted is fabulous or my website is “cute” or something. Of course, I am not needing acknowledgement from people I already know, or bloggers who have connected with me, we all are in the same boat, giving away free publicity to artists who don’t even have the decency to call you by the sex that you are. I am female, yet I can’t state how many times I am referred to as “sir” because I acronym my name, LD. No one looks at my website where I placed pictures of me naked from the top up!? Really?

brick room 2So there it is, folks.  I want my universe to respect me the way I respect it and all that is around me, people, animals, the earth. Respect and acknowledge me as I respect and acknowledge the beauty of exposed brick and offer me reciprocity in many aspects of my life. I want give-and-take, ying-yang, re-ci-pro-ci-ty! Plain and simple! Course, this current rambling post is partially brought on by the remnants of a raging cold,  I am not even sure what I am writing here.   I think my point is that if I scream loudly enough to my universe I am sure I will have what I want, or at least something close it it.  But, the exposed brick, nope won’t back down on that.  I LOVE the aesthetic!

Until I write again, not sure when, have a great week ahead, all! LDS



I know why there are birds in the sky,

I know why grass grows.

I know why animals exist.

I know why the earth rotates.

I know why the sun shines bright.

I know why rivers flow

and flowers and herbs grow.

I know why people are born,

and flourish and grow.

I know why leaves sing with the wind

and soil comforts the roots that

firmly plant trees.

I don’t know, however, what I desperately need to know

That answer will be what I need in my life

That answer will allow me to feel happy and secure.

Until then,

I’ll keep my feet planted on soft cool soil,

beneath a lavander field

and my heart will remain hopeful that,

MY life,

whatever it offers me,

will be my reason to flourish and grow.

lavender growth

Today I Am EmpTEA

Today I am EmpT E A

Unlike a full pot poised to pour into saucers .

I sat in a cafe one afternoon and could not get my mind to work.

What free time I had to myself without the ole 9-2-5 or

The animals or

The friends or

The family, belonged to me, yet I could not concentrate.

Then I ordered, not coffee, but my favorite cup of Earl Grey – with milk and sugar.

TEA 5I had my lap top with me, I was ready to write and create.

But, my mind would not cooperate, so

I sipped, and sipped and I looked down into my cup for inspiration


I listened to plenTEA of folks talking and laughing

And engaging in one activiTEA or another.

Many of the folks were feisTEA and chatTEA with

robust intensiTEA.

TEA 3They had the abiliTEA to make each other laugh

Their youthful gaieTEA was intoxicating and fun.

I continued watching the folks talk and laugh and

For a moment I thought I had something, something cute and sharp and witTEA.

TEA 1But, then it went away.

So, I continued drinking tea

And I had cookies with it, cookies shaped like tea bags.

I love drinking tea.

TEA 4I love drinking coffee, but I love tea too.

Ah, but there is nothing more to write, nothing to muse about.

Just me, tea, cookies and writer’s block.

Yes, today I am empTEA, but tomorrow will

bring another hopeful day of writing.

Until then, blah, sip and cheers!

Shine Bright for All

rainbow 2When I was a child, we looked up at the sky after the rain had fallen and we opened up our box of crayons and drew on paper whatever colors of the rainbow we saw illuminating above.  We kids thought back then the beauty of nature belonged only to us, it was our personal gift that lit up the sky with beautiful colors to make us all smile.  

In 2015 and beyond we should all feel victorious that the colors of our beautiful rainbow continue to shine bright and that it WILL shine bright for ALL humans who demand to be treated fairly and with equality in all levels of life including being legally able to protect the rights and properties of their partners.  Cheers and congrats to the victory of marriage equality. 


To Cope and Breathe

We all of us are going through pain, tragedy, regret, challenges.  But, it is the endurance of faith and spirit that cannot be challenged.  I do not take well to life’s challenges, not at all.  Thankfully I have my fingertips and keyboard or pen and paper that help me to cope and help me to breathe.  I do not want to negate life’s reality, but rather, I want to sustain my own life and move forward with as much happiness as I can handle.  And so it goes.


I saw a door, I crossed the threshold and walked through it. 

Had no idea what was behind the door, didn’t care.

I was curious.  Tentative, but I was curious and I went 3Hanging from the ceiling was a Tiffany-style lamp,

a beautiful bulbous glass creation that radiated.

I stared at the map for hours.

A beautiful butterfly with black stripes flew into the room

where I stood.  It lit on a tall potted plant with

long flowing leaves.  I could not name the plant.

As I stood staring at the lamp and butterfly

I imagined myself as a wandering bird or a crow or a hawk

above a tree in Africa. 

Below the tree was a warm welcoming elephant

that pulled a branch down to allow me to walk across.

I sat on the elephant’s backside and we walked together

toward  sunset and we laughed,

at nothing but the happiness that filled our hearts

at our newly found friendship. orange 4I cope and I breathe and I dream



Here I am yet again.

Fluttering my bright blue wings 

Struggling, pushing against a mesh veil

I am at the point of reflection.

blueI have no idea why I was chosen to be,

But I am here

pushing and fluttering and moving.

I am here

with my hand reaching out tentatively.

about to enter yet another door to

Whatever IT is.


blue1 Inside is a path adorned

with spectacular gold trimmed tile.

My bare feet slide slowly around the tile

outlining each and every bulb impression.

I stand curious and waiting,

waiting and hopeful about

What my “future” will bring and when.

blue3 I stand curious on gold trimmed tile

with a Quartz dipped in gold

that embraces my tiny neck.

I remain waiting.  Wondering. blue necklaceNot knowing why I am here keeps me standing,

keeps me waiting,

keeps me curious,

keeps me hopeful.

Not knowing why I am here

is why I remain.  Here.