One of my manuscripts is being published before the one I really wish to be published is published.  Make sense?  Yes?  No?  What?

Why do people who write, I mean, who take writing seriously, why do we start projects and are convinced they will take off, but then we pick up an older project and finish it and it becomes published before the first project?  Why do we do that?  Or, is it only me, am I the only person who makes my life difficult? Or, maybe not “difficult,” maybe I live my life better with conflicts and deadlines and stress, oh my!  Okay, well there it is, I live my life on the edge.

Anywhoo, I am about to publish a book I actually wrote when I was sick with a miserable cold and at home for an entire week.  I wrote it in a week, it was written very simply and to the point.  I published a draft, set it down and then…years later I am on it again.   It’s actually not so bad.  Not at all. I don’t even care if there will be an audience for it, I mean, I would love for there to be, but if not, oh damned well!  At least the thing is finalized, that’s all I care about at this point.  I’ll worry about selling the book and making $$$$ and all that later.  Creativity is ripe and and I am happy, for now.

Okay, well taking a quick break before I continue, might have something greasy and salty for lunch.  Then later a meeting with my tiny management team.  Then more writing then knitting then sleeping with dreams of travel and movement.

Happy weekend to all!