This blog entry is not going to be clever or thought provoking.  I don’t have anything special to share except that I have diligently been putting out my writing work entering contests and mentorship programs  since February when I left my 9-2-5 job. I’ve gotten some rejections, but also acceptances.  Including this graphics attached to an email I recently received.

I submitted an essay to be part of a community of writers for a full color, hard cover book.  Last week I got an email with the announcement that I will be included in the book on writers from around the world telling their stories on why they write. This is, so far, the best news I’ve had this year.  More on the book, coming this Autumn, as things progress

I am beginning to find my place in this world. Here’s hoping we all find where we belong.  So far, so happy.  Cheers!


I recently took a leap of faith and walked away from a horrible, but good paying job in search of what my place is in this world.  Now I am struggling and why?  Why would anyone do that to themselves, quit working with no help and no back up?  In my quest for answers it did not take a therapist to tell me that I am punishing myself for living after burying my mother and euthanizing my boy cat, my two major duties in life.  Losing a job was my final loss of duty.  I am grieving.

Being dutiful was all I knew, it was all I had ever been.  I had dreams of becoming a mother mainly because I wanted to take care of people.  But, I never seemed to focus on MY life, on what makes ME happy.  I realized being dutiful was all that made me happy, made me shine, but it was not about ME.  I felt safe and comfortable being dutiful and when loss occurred, my duties were gone and grief set in I had no idea where to go from there.  Taking a “leap of faith” did not help me find my way in life, rather, it became my punishment, it was grief clinging to my spirit and that is not good.

A couple of days ago I began binge watching a new Netflix special called, Street Food.  Asian and Filipino street food vendors share their stories of sacrifice, loss and success.  Just when I thought my leap of faith was wearing thin, just when I began to regret my decision to finally find my own way in life, just when I thought of giving up and go back to working a 9 to 5 and spend the rest of my life living only to pay rent and bills, I found Street Food.  These folks (chefs, cooks) refused to give up, even in their struggles they found their purpose in life. 

It was no coincidence that I stumbled upon this series, I am sure of that.  I might watch all the episodes over and over just to drown out the noise in my head; “You failed!  Go back to work, forget about being a tee vee writer, Hollywood is a closed door industry filled with narcissistic hateful people who don’t want you to win! Working class is the only road for you!”

No, I CAN win, I realize that now. And I am grateful for this subtle sign from mom, God, the universe, whomever or whatever made me click on Netflix and watch the stories of these lovely people who have endeared way more than I could possibly imagine.  I believe I was meant to watch these stories because I have always played it safe, I always had a job and I always paid my bills, on time. What I want in life is to get paid doing what I enjoy even if I have to struggle and sacrifice.  Grief is real, but moving forward is vital.  I will move forward, I have to move forward.  We all do.  Thanks for reading. LDS


Treasures Of a Bronx Warrior is Available for ADVANCE-Sale!!!
Treasures of a Bronx Warrior, Collection I, II, III is available for advance order online at the author’s “spotlight” on Books will be made available on Amazon and other sites March 2018. Thank you all for your patience and support!  See full press release HERE.


A Blog Pause for BLISS

vintage typewriter
Typewriter photo courtesy of Pinterest.

I have witnessed people go through life’s ‘transitions,’ and the challenges life has to offer.  Some people live with very difficult challenges including Cancer and Leukemia.  Despite it all, they hold down jobs, they have relationships, they carry on with their lives.  Some of them even carry on with faith and a smile every single day.  I have also witnessed people marry, have kids, become writers and playwrights, move to new states our out of country, get a new apartment or home.  Despite life’s “challenges,” these folks have found their “BLISS” basically.

As for me, achieving my bliss is a constant struggle, not ashamed to admit it.  But, I am working hard on achieving it.  For instance, I am writing, well I have been for the past couple of years, my first fiction novel.  I am grateful my “bliss,” writing AND knitting, has stayed with me all these years.  My bliss is what keeps me centered and somewhat stress-free.  The bad news; as I chase my bliss I am far behind with reading other people’s blogs and “thumbing up” or liking people’s posts on Facebook and Twitter and clicking on the “hearts” of people pictures on Instagram.  I apologize for that; I will support more when I can.

Before I get back to writing I want the world to know, or whomever reads my posts, as I try to focus on my bliss I will take a brief “blog pause.”  Until I return to blogging I hope everyone out there is focused on finding their own bliss, if you haven’t done so already.  It truly is a wonderful feeling doing what you love and what keeps you centered.

for blog

Here’s to being blissful and fully centered.  Have a great 4th!  LDS

Bay Area Brooklyn Belle

It is not yet official, but my move from the eclectic weather of the West Coast to the seasonally extreme survivalist weather of the East Coast is calling me.  I originally wanted to move to Paris, and I will someday because it too calls.  But for now my decision to move out of my home town is long overdue.  I feel like I have been pushed aside like an unused napkin at my favorite restaurant.  Well, not so much “pushed aside” as I believe there is nothing in this city for me to thrive on anymore.

Case in point:

Few straight men who aren’t already coupled up and those who are my age date 20 year-olds.

Few male/female friends and associates who are my age and single, everyone’s a grandparent looking to retire by now. 

Work is hard to find that isn’t the typical city job with benefits, been there, done that.  And, unfortunately my work skills seem nearly outmoded in this generation with the exception that I acquired some HTML skills from manipulating online websites.

Middle class people who look like me, including some friends, have all moved out of the city to find work making San Francisco nearly less blended.

I am no longer motivated to live in the laid-back environment of California.

Why Brooklyn?  Well, NYC itself is VERY blended, although, some boroughs are more blended than others, obviously.  But, Brooklyn is away from the “hubub,” Manhattan, basically.  I think it is where I need to be, a quiet shut-in of a writer/creative artist who lives in a semi-hip, non-Manhattan-where-everything-exists-only area.  Now, I hate the idea of hustling and holding down ten jobs just to survive like people in New York tend to do, I’ve seen it in action.  And, I don’t plan to “work where I can find it” and live in a hovel with strangers with my two elderly pussies in tow struggling to survive with no heat or air conditioner.  This is the reason I chose not to move to the East Coast last year.  Plus, I had my ailing mom to consider and bills and debt to pay, still do.  Yes, I held myself back from fear of failing, basically. 

But, San Francisco has become an extremely expensive place to reside for a single mid-life gal without a rich boyfriend or “dependents.”  And I have no reason to live here anymore, not really.  I am, therefore,  ready and motivated to move on and live in a town that will push me off the comfort of my flat black bottom and into the world of “movers and groovers.”  I am ready to find the right job, support myself and flourish with my hobbies which is encouraged, I’ve seen it in action in the East Coast.  I was always the type who needed to be pushed forward just a little, might as well be now.  Besides, life is nothing if one is not moving forward and I am truly sick and tired of WATCHING everyone else move forward while I remain in one spot struggling.

I believe I have faced my fears and insecurities and I am actively pushing myself forward and onward.  I am now focused on what I want and what will make me happy.  I am ending one chapter and beginning another to finally carve a name and place for myself before I blend into the earth.

So there it is and here I am and onward I push.  Don’t wish me luck, just wish me well.  Thanks!

L.D., a future Bay Area Brooklyn Belle

The “S” Word

Well, kids I am not writing in my blog as much these days while I attempt to finish two fiction books and, of course, move out of state.  Both things are daunting tasks and expensive, but while life does its thing, all I can do is live in it and keep my head above water.

The good news is I have support from a boutique American and International literary agency who partnered with me and my projects.  As a result of that tiny agency’s efforts, I am being considered by entertainment folks, not necessarily Hollywood, which makes me very happy.  (Americans can be VERY jaded and judgmental especially with creative non-mainstream souls who simply want to have their voice heard in an  already crowded creative market).   I am grateful for the attention and can’t wait to finish my projects.

Keep in mind I am a self-taught writer who is neither well-known or seasoned, my degrees are in Psychology not creative writing and  I do not blog or market myself very well.  By all accounts I should not be considered.  The advent of Social Networking, however, has allowed me to alert the WORLD of my presence.  With that stated I dare you to keep up with me as I ride the waves while I continue to be broke, unemployed, but silly happy.  The way I see it these days is that success, whether financial, love, work or friendship is within my grasp even when my grip is often weak.  Actually, I get so frustrated I lament that I will NEVER find SUCCESS.  But, I also keep in mind a few things to strengthen my “grip” on a daily basis: 

My hands – knit, write.

My brain – read, create and learn.

My body & heart – cardiovascular.

My soul – fortify with faith, courage and positivity.

By doing these things I remind myself that SUCCESS is in fact the air I breathe and the life I live in abundance every single day.  All other successes are merely in my grasp. And while we none of us are perfect, I will continue to strengthen my GRIP, daily.


“What I choose to (BE)lieve…”

I call myself a “writer,” yet I have no formal training, no strong resume and people do not know who I am, but I call myself a “writer,” have been writing since I was a teen.  I hate the idea of marketing myself and I struggle to get folks to notice me, actually I hate the idea of putting myself out there, but it must be done.   I am a WRITER, after all, who created a fiction novel and e-book that I think will be entertaining.

We all of us can be whatever we want.  We can call ourselves whatever we choose.  We can believe what we want to believe about ourselves.   All we have to remember is to STAND BY what we believe, stand by who we think we are and  stand by what we call ourselves.  As long as we aren’t hurting people, everything is fine.   That’s what I choose to do with my life right now, live without hurting people if I can help it.  From there the journey truly begins..   :c)

Look for my V-Blog #4 to be uploaded soon.  Cheers!

Self Publishing Tango then off to a new life!


This marathon of getting up early every morning and toiling away on my book for 8 to 10 hours a day is at a bit of a crossroads. Yay!

I am just about finished putting together a first draft of my book, TREASURES OF A BRONX WARRIOR.  It looks good even though the draft won’t be a “hard cover” book and the online service I use won’t allow pages to “bleed” across – one photo on two pages.  I am confident  the style of the book will look very professional.  The hardest part is the construction including adding numbered footers and lining up the descriptive footers of the photos on various pages.   But, putting together the cover…WHOA!!!  So many twists and turns that I thought I would run naked into the street screaming for Jesus!!!  Almost did, actually.  I have stated this once and I will state this again….


The good news is I am growing more and more confident with the look of my mom’s book.  My goal, however, is to have the book  published in “hard cover” format by a traditional publisher.  That means, I want the paper to be of the best quality showcasing the photos in the best light possible.  I think photo books look better in hard cover format.

Until then I will have to make my own draft and  do a promo package in hopes to spark interest.  That includes putting out a video and tons of online notices using Twitter, Face Book, My Space and You Tube.

Yes, self publishing is a bit of a stretch, but seeing as how I am still unemployed I can only be grateful to have enough time off to devote to my craft.


I have finally decided to pack up and move away from my old hometown to a city that has more jobs and that is big enough not to discriminate against older people who are too young to retire.  Shame on you San Francisco!

It will be a stretch and it will take lots of money that I don’t yet have and resources that I don’t have, let’s face it, you cannot always depend on friends to help you out when they are too wrapped up in their own lives, right?  No worries, we are all busy on our “hustle” which is a good thing.  Despite the things I don’t have I am confident in what I do have, enough strength and courage to pull this off  somehow by myself.  I had a chance when I was younger to move to a bigger city and to have my own exciting creative life, but was scared and insecure.  Now I am too old and cranky to give a damn!  I am hopeful that by next year this time I will be far away from the city by the bay and living my life the way I have always wanted doing what makes me happy.

So there you have it.  Coffee Table book almost ready in draft form, CHECK.  Moving out preparations set in place, CHECK.   Cool.

Make your life full of promise then go out and enjoy!!!