I ran away from home in 2019 after suffering severe grief, had to leave my hometown of San Francisco and get a fresh start to my life. IT WAS NOT EASY. But, I persevered, got a job with USPS and I now have my own VERY EXPENSIVE apartment. My world is shaping and forming and moving forward. As for how I got featured in a commercial? Well…

Sometime mid 2022 I answered an email from work about being in a commercial. I thought it was a USPS training video, but turned out to be a national commercial! I did not get to speak, I’m not even sure if my face will be shown, but the contract states I am a “principal” and it enables me to join SAG/Aftra.

I had always wanted to be an actor way back a thousand or so years ago when I was a young girl I even studied acting at Conservatory. But, my dreams were deferred – I have worked since I was 13 years old, it is all I have ever known.

At my age now, hell life is too precious not to take leaps of faith. Oh, I will keep my job with USPS, let’s face it, rent and eggs are very high right now. Matter of fact I changed my position from bussing to and from work for almost three very long and physically painful years to working from home for USPS next month. Being at home will help me focus on not just the ole 9-2-5, but on joining the Union and spring boarding from there. Maybe I will become a commercial spokesperson or something, who knows?

(Click here for video)

So, for now I feel blessed. And as some folks say, God is good. No disrespect to any Deity, but I would like to think my late mother is helping me along. Never give up on your dreams, right? So, here we go!