I ran away from home in 2019 after suffering severe grief, had to leave my hometown of San Francisco and get a fresh start to my life. IT WAS NOT EASY. But, I persevered, got a job with USPS and I now have my own VERY EXPENSIVE apartment. My world is shaping and forming and moving forward. As for how I got featured in a commercial? Well…

Sometime mid 2022 I answered an email from work about being in a commercial. I thought it was a USPS training video, but turned out to be a national commercial! I did not get to speak, I’m not even sure if my face will be shown, but the contract states I am a “principal” and it enables me to join SAG/Aftra.

I had always wanted to be an actor way back a thousand or so years ago when I was a young girl I even studied acting at Conservatory. But, my dreams were deferred – I have worked since I was 13 years old, it is all I have ever known.

At my age now, hell life is too precious not to take leaps of faith. Oh, I will keep my job with USPS, let’s face it, rent and eggs are very high right now. Matter of fact I changed my position from bussing to and from work for almost three very long and physically painful years to working from home for USPS next month. Being at home will help me focus on not just the ole 9-2-5, but on joining the Union and spring boarding from there. Maybe I will become a commercial spokesperson or something, who knows?

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So, for now I feel blessed. And as some folks say, God is good. No disrespect to any Deity, but I would like to think my late mother is helping me along. Never give up on your dreams, right? So, here we go!




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There is so much on my plate right now that I can barely breathe.  But, breathe I must or I will pass out and probably die.  And if I die my two cats with be forced to eat ME as they can’t work the can opener or the refrigerator.   What a horrible thought and en even more horrible graphic.  Actually, being me right now isn’t such a bad thing.

Seriously, I am busy as hell doing what I finally am able to concentrate on, writing and knitting.  Being unemployed is not good, being broke sucks.  But, I am finally doing what I have aspired to do since I was in my teens, be nappy.  oops, I meant “happy,” be happy! I am a California gal, I just want to smile and be happy, no stress, no worries, pay rent, pay my bills, but be happy. 

When I was a teenager and I got to peek at a film script for movie More American Graffiti and I decided then that I wanted to write.  I started knitting when I was a girl, but I was bullied in middle school and high school for knitting and crocheting my own jumpers and hats.  But, I kept up both as best I could do, I am basically self-taught in both fields.

Unfortunately, I never kept journals, but I wrote plays for the kids in my neighborhood, mainly to keep them off the streets and from hurting each other.  When I noticed how talented the kids were and how enthused they were about being in plays I was hooked on writing.  I ran away from under my mother’s apron strings at twenty-three and went to Los Angeles; back home I studied acting and fancied being a Hollywood sitcom star.  Tee Vee dreams went south and I eventually returned to writing plays.  I had a few successes and won minor awards in L.A., but I returned home in the 1990s just when the economy sucked and local play theaters went  out of business.  I could not afford to produce my own work and I did not have enough resources to help me.  Unfortunately, I lost my playwright’s “mojo.”

in 2002 I discovered my mother was ill and two years later I placed her into an “assisted living” facility.  It was then that I discovered a literary book voice I never knew I had.  I started writing a book of poems; a memoir for mom and short stories including a book about a man slash cat, Spoiled Beyond Recognition.  I am currently writing my first full-length fiction novel, Girl With the Upside-Down Guitar; A fiction novel inspired by one of the author’s favorite movies, 1950 classic, “All About Eve,” starring Bette Davis and Celeste Holm.  “Girl With the Upside-Down Guitar,” is about sex; rock & roll; lies; adultery; blind ambition; extreme narcissism; delusion; and the corruption and manipulation of social media. The book is about one woman, a selfish ingenue obsessed with fame and fortune.

my GIRL book draft! “Draft” cover version, 2013

And, here I am, years later after having taken a “leap of faith” to focus on my literary and crafts life.  I am focused on me, not the dutiful daughter, sister or friend.  I am finally doing what makes me happy.  I am busy with blogs and websites to facilitate, employment to seek and a social life; I am a bit of a shut-in, although, the internet is helping me become more sociable. 

What is the point to this blog?  Well, I am not one for tooting my own horn, so to state, but I must admit for a old broke heffa with two elderly no-job-having pussies, depleted bank accounts and an expired bus pass, I am not doing too poorly.  I am doing everything on my own which is very difficult, but I am doing it with the push and determination I never thought I had. At a time when most people at mid-life are winding down and craving retirement in their second throng, I am just getting my life started!  I feel like my mojo is in place and ready to help me “get it crackin’!” More important, I am proud of myself for not giving up.  I almost did give up, but I am back on track because my head and my heart know what they want.  With a firm sense of fortitude and courage I am ready to take on my dreams full throttle!

And there it is.  And here I am.  And away I go; best seller; massive sales, fans; fame.  Yeap, I do believe being me right now is a good thing.  I do believe I am ready for my close-up.

See ya soon! LDS