LorrieKNITS! Presents…

I write and I knit, have been for years.  Here is a promo introducing the LorrieKNITS! line of accessories for 2015. Mini sweater key chains that come with a special “twist,” a children’s book about a girl who knits stories. Watch and enjoy!

A Conversation with L.D. Sargent

Here is an interview I did in a friend’s garden about my up coming fiction novel, GIRL WITH THE UPSIDE DOWN GUITAR.  We shot two different times with different angles, without the regular videographer, so forgive the lighting and such.  I speak a little about myself, a self-taught woman who calls herself a writer after 37 years; my transition from writing quirky comedy plays to fiction novels; the “challenges” of writing; finding my “voice” at a tough time in my life where writing helps me cope; my goals with the new book.  I am silly, I am serious, I am sad, and I give a short tribute at the end to a legend, a woman I admired.  Enjoy the video!

Girl With the Upside-Down Guitar – a Fiction Novel

First, yay!  It’s a great morning because I did not wake up with an eighteen pound Tabby on my neck!  He left my bed before I got up. Yay!

Second, sample copies of my fiction novel, Girl With the Upside-Down Guitar, is pressed and is ready for review by my management team.


my GIRL book draft!

Girl With the Upside-Down Guitar is a fiction story about Sex; lies; rock and roll; adultery; hustling; delusion and social media.  The story centers on one woman, Joy, an attention-starved lonely little girl who grew up with an alcoholic mother and her well-liked philandering musician father who taught Joy, “the world is yours long as you use the right hustle.” I hope to have Girl With…edited and ready for final review by mid summer 2013.  Will show a picture when it arrives. 

Third, my fiction novel, Spoiled Beyond Recognition, is almost ready for review, about a spoiled adopted alpha male cat, it is of course based on my own boy cat.  So far my demographics looks very small, there are plenty of people who simply do not like cats.  Sad.  But, I will prevail as the book is about much more than a feline as it is about FAITH and hope.



Last,  thanks to everyone who follows my blog.  I will do my best to return the favor as soon and as much as I can.

Well, it’s Sunday which means, morning stretch; coffee; writing, breakfast; writing; gym, back home writing, eat; writing, bathe; eat again; in bed knitting.  Jealous? Tee, hee!  Cheers!

“What I choose to (BE)lieve…”

I call myself a “writer,” yet I have no formal training, no strong resume and people do not know who I am, but I call myself a “writer,” have been writing since I was a teen.  I hate the idea of marketing myself and I struggle to get folks to notice me, actually I hate the idea of putting myself out there, but it must be done.   I am a WRITER, after all, who created a fiction novel and e-book that I think will be entertaining.

We all of us can be whatever we want.  We can call ourselves whatever we choose.  We can believe what we want to believe about ourselves.   All we have to remember is to STAND BY what we believe, stand by who we think we are and  stand by what we call ourselves.  As long as we aren’t hurting people, everything is fine.   That’s what I choose to do with my life right now, live without hurting people if I can help it.  From there the journey truly begins..   :c)

Look for my V-Blog #4 to be uploaded soon.  Cheers!