One never stops learning, life is patterned that way, you ALWAYS and forever learn until you can no longer breathe air.  It is how one absorbs the lesson and takes heed to the lesson, however, that matters most.  Each lesson is designed to help one grow.

Back in the day, when I was younger and inexperienced about certain aspects of life, I fancied being an actress.  I studied at an acting conservatory in  my hometown then I moved to Los Angeles, California and was excited about “breaking in” to Hollywood.  I learned it was not the business of Hollywood that was difficult for me to navigate, it was the people in Hollywood that made “breaking in” very tough.  I was always independent, not the type of person who ran with the pact; I was never into cliques, not in school not anywhere.  In Hollywood, however, if you are not part of that closed door “clique” if you’re not someone’s relative, lover, spouse or partner, if you have no one to usher you in, you can’t get in.

An example of one type of “clique’ is that I was once referred to an acting agent who offered to represent me.  We sat, we talked, he told me the parts I would be good for.  And then in his next breath he said, “Oh, by the way if we started dating…”  (Whoa, what?)  I walked out, or ran out, of his office and never looked back.  I was not scared, I was angry.  Why the f**k did I need someone getting ten percent of my paycheck as a boyfriend?  I wasn’t in his office looking for a date and what did dating have to do with finding me a job anyway?  I had begun not to like Hollywood, but I persevered.  Except…

…I dropped acting and turned to writing plays, something I had done since I was a young girl.  I did not need to “date” an agent to put on a play, so I stuck with it.  I enjoyed writing, I especially enjoyed writing dialogue, plays in particular.  My biggest playwright influences at that time was Neil Simon and Jules Pfeiffer, mainly because of the way they crafted their characters’ monologues, long and drawn out.

While still living in Los Angeles I joined a playwrights group, wrote a couple short plays, even won an award for one of my plays.  It was through the writing group that I met actors and people behind the scenes of television shows.  I made friends with some of the people behind the scenes who seemed nice enough to me.  And the best part about those friends, they appreciated my writing skills.  Cool!  I was part of the Hollywood clique and all I needed to do was be talented.

I shared some of my writing work with those people whom I trusted, people who promised to help me become a writer for television.  Back then I wrote my scripts on a very slow Brother Word Processor and saved them on floppy disks, anyone old enough to remember floppys?  My friends gave me scripts to study, they read my treatment ideas and I felt confident I had finally found my way.

A few years later I found it difficult to support myself in Los Angeles; I lost my job, greedy apartment landlords evicted us tenants and sold our refurbished apartments as condos.  I returned to San Francisco “fallen down, but not destroyed.”  To make me feel better about my failed attempt at Hollywood I watched two of my favorite television shows, In Living Color and Married With Children.  I watched them every season they ran on television.  During Season 5 of In Living Color and Season 6 of Married with Children, I noticed two of my script ideas were filmed on those shows.  Now, back then I was upset.  I never said anything about those scripts, matter of fact, I kept them hidden away in storage.  I thought to myself, “wow, I sure am naïve.”

One never stops learning, life is patterned that way, you ALWAYS and forever learn until you no longer breathe air.   

What did I learn after my years in Hollywood?   I learned that there are people, not just in Hollywood, but all over, who are more ambitious than me, more aggressive and more cut throat than I could ever be and that is fine with me.  Someone out there wants something harder than me and will do whatever they have to do to get it, good for them.   I may not be part of a certain type of “clique,” I may not be aggressive and “cut throat,” but I am talented enough to keep writing and talented enough to have my work be in the clique.  I have decided I no longer need to run and hide embarrassed that someone took my ideas and profited from them.  I am, therefore, proud to show off my work and to state “hey, here is where you can see my work!” I learned about myself that I am one good writer who wrote two pieces that are forever part of Tee Vee history.  And there it is!  I’m kind of proud of myself, actually.

Until next time, Cheers! (Another of my favorite shows, but one I never scripted an idea for)


Married With Children – (written by L.D. Sargent) Episode idea title: “Dedicated to His Feet.”  Al has a Shoe Groupie.  Married with Children (Fox TV, December, 1991) Season 6, Episode title:  “So, This is How Sinatra Felt.”

In Living Color – (written by L.D. Sargent) Episode idea title: “Yo Mamma The Game Show” parody.    In Living Color (Fox TV, 1993) Season 5, Episode Title: “The Dirty Dozens,” game show parody

Exposed Brick

I have a couple of plans in the making.  I plan to move to NYC because it is only about five hours from Paris.  Actually, I would LOVE to live the rest of my life in Paris, but I refuse to give up my American citizenship. So yea, I’m moving to NYC to be close to Paris, France basically. And, I want to live within exposed brick, I absolutely love the aesthetic of exposed brick!  If that means I will be an elderly woman walking up 15 flights of stairs in a 1910 Edwardian because the elevator never works, so be it.  Let me explain. brick bedroomNo one ever gets exactly what they want, I get that.  But, I WILL have what I want especially at this time in my life because I finally understand that if you don’t believe you deserve something you won’t get that something. I have finally learned to believe in what I want because I spent my entire life giving everyone and everything what they want.  I want what I call, Universal Reciprocity. 

I am a good, loving, dutiful and conscientious daughter; I am a good, loving and conscientious pet owner; I am a good employer; timely and honest taxpayer; I am a productive American citizen who volunteers at soup kitchens and I give some of my possessions away from time to time.  Why shouldn’t my universe give me reciprocity?

brick room 3What in hell does “exposed brick” have to do with U.R. you ask?  Well, in MY world, exposed brick  embraces earth to stone, earth tt or are buried beneath.  Brick is our flesh and soil and we respect it for what it is and from where it comes. I respect the earth not just as the interior of my domain or the exterior of an old building, but as a piece of the universe that I live amongst. I want Universal Reciprocity so that I may live where I choose to live and love whom I feel needs my love and I want to travel where I feel most comfortable. Well, I want that and money and a decent way to make a living that doesn’t suck up my entire being. But, that’s another blog. I want one other thing. I want acknowledgement from my so-called peers. Let me explain. brick bathroomIf I praise the works of established artists, I expect those artists to “follow” me and “tweet” me or whatever it is, Facebook, Twitter, Flashagram, stripagram, flipagram, whatever, and praise me the way I praise them. They don’t have to “in box” me or DM me, or whatever the hell the terminologies are. Just no more one-sided praise to people whom I don’t know or have anything invested in other than purchasing their works.  If I tell the world your CD or TeeVee show or movie is great, you should be telling the world my self-published book is great or that keychain I knitted is fabulous or my website is “cute” or something. Of course, I am not needing acknowledgement from people I already know, or bloggers who have connected with me, we all are in the same boat, giving away free publicity to artists who don’t even have the decency to call you by the sex that you are. I am female, yet I can’t state how many times I am referred to as “sir” because I acronym my name, LD. No one looks at my website where I placed pictures of me naked from the top up!? Really?

brick room 2So there it is, folks.  I want my universe to respect me the way I respect it and all that is around me, people, animals, the earth. Respect and acknowledge me as I respect and acknowledge the beauty of exposed brick and offer me reciprocity in many aspects of my life. I want give-and-take, ying-yang, re-ci-pro-ci-ty! Plain and simple! Course, this current rambling post is partially brought on by the remnants of a raging cold,  I am not even sure what I am writing here.   I think my point is that if I scream loudly enough to my universe I am sure I will have what I want, or at least something close it it.  But, the exposed brick, nope won’t back down on that.  I LOVE the aesthetic!

Until I write again, not sure when, have a great week ahead, all! LDS


golden writingA door has finally crept open, just a crack, just a bit to allow me to walk through.

With the help of “saints” and “special souls” I am able to realize my life-long dream of becoming a television writer.  My script might not make “traditional” television, it might  only become a short piece that piggy backs off some other show I am told.  WHO CARES?  I am just grateful to have a stab at something that makes ME feel happy and fulfilled.  They can put my show on the internet for free for all I care, as long as it is what I created.

I have only wanted one thing in my life, never achieved that, and yet I have done many other things, but only having performed them fairly well.  My mom used to teasing refer to me as a, “jack of all trades, master of none.”  She wanted me to pick one thing and do it well, but I just could not, I was all over the place. And now that I don’t have time to waste on lofty dreams and goals I may finally be forced to concentrate on doing one thing well, one thing that I have wanted to be since I was younger, become “a professional writer who gets paid doing what I love.”  Once I achieve that status all will be well with the world.  Until then I’ve got script re-writes, drafts and I will have to partner with other more established writers before anything happens with my script.  Again, WHO CARES?  I’m celebrating my artistic life!

Until I see my writing to a positive fruition, with the way Hollywood operates I will have to hold on to my 9 to 5 job, I’ll remain hopeful.  Hopeful and grateful to have a job, albeit a very stressful and draining job.  But, I will hold on to as much faith as I can in order to thrive beyond the bill paying world.  I will hold on to faith and believe that I will finally become the artist I was meant to be.  I am always golden, grateful to live and breathe and be healthy, but I am not completely in sync with my life, not while there is so much more living I need to do.  I am sounding like I have given way to a “positive affirmation” blog, buy oh well, whatever.  I will focus harder work harder on my goals and write harder.  When my big moment as a writer arrives and I see my work branch out from keyboard and computer screen to something bigger and more prosperous and on a more permanent basis I will truly be now and forever, BEYOND GOLDEN.

Cheers!  LDS

golden champs_edited

“Two Birds, One Stone”

I never really enjoyed hearing the phrase “kill two birds with one stone,” I could never be so cruel.  But, it’s only a phrase, you’re doing as much as you can with what little time you’ve got. I chose to use the phrase as title for my latest video, a brief bit of travel for business, or as the hip-hoppers say, “being on my grind,” and some fun.  The business or “grind” deals with my upcoming fiction book, “Girl With the Upside Down Guitar.”  More on that later.  The “fun” was supposed to be a visit to the Grammy Museum to see the Donna Summer exhibit, featuring some of her costumes, writing and art work.  I believe these contributions were given their blessing by Donna’s husband Bruce Sudano and Donna’s three daughters, Mimi Dohler, Brooklyn Sudano-McGlafin and Amanda Sudano-Ramirez.  sisters and the Gaines family and respective families.  And I believe the exhibit got the blessing of Donna’s sisters and the Gaines family and respective families.

Now that I think about it, “kill two birds?” after having viewed the personal belongings of legends such as Tupac Shakur, Mike Jackson and Donna Summer?  OMG, what an idiot I am!  I might have phrased that better.  ~sigh~  Wow.  I think what I am trying to do with my life now is grab passion, work hard for passion and live life with as much passion as possible.  That’s all I want to do right now, not kill two birds.  I want to live my life to the fullest and do as much as I can with what time I have left. Perhaps that is what my title should have been, “life and passion,” not “two birds, one stone.”  Well, who cares, too late. Geesh!  :c(

Visiting the museum was not exactly the thrill I thought it would be.  The museum is a nice site nestled amongst a thriving bustling downtown Los Angeles, wow!  I had not lived in LA since the 80’s, what an expansion!  But, how could the fun really be fun when I can’t Tweet or Facebook or Instagram such wonderfully talented artists as Pac, Jackson or Summer and thank them for their contributions?  So, I was a bit sad about having to see their pictures behind glass showcases rather than in person.  But, ah Donna, well she was special to me.  I was a teen a when she flourished musically, I tried to sing like her, my voice back then sounded only slightly similar, and I mean ONLY SLIGHTLY.  And, I had no idea Donna was so gifted, so “deep” and so tall!  And Donna spoke German, she left for Europe just out of high school, very impressive.  Just a few things I learned about her from reading her book and viewing her online videos.  Great lady. 

I admired Donna because she was not only a talented singer with a huge vocal range, alto, soprano, etc., but Donna took chances and she was a wife and mother; a life that I never got to experience.  The exhibit showed off Donna’s beautiful paintings; pencil renditions of costume design, her writings and a couple of videos showcasing her musical abilities and dramatic flare. I believe Donna had it all and I admired her for her drive, risk taking and passion.  My passion?  Well, it left the building years ago. but I am working hard to get it back.  I am not aiming to become the iconic star Donna was, but I would not mind inspiring people like I think she did for me.  To be passionate, take chances and live the life you set out to have.

Until I write again, hopefully with a clearer head for blog titles, enjoy the video and the song at the end called “I’m a Fire” from Donna Summer’s album, Crayons.  It is a remix created in 2008, by someone named Matty Soulflower.   I chose the song to celebrate Donna and her “transition” as it took me this long to deal with her death, not mourn her life.  The version of her song is very San Francisco club mix. In honor of Miss Donna and others who have left far too soon, enjoy.

Cheers! LDS


blog pix

There is so much on my plate right now that I can barely breathe.  But, breathe I must or I will pass out and probably die.  And if I die my two cats with be forced to eat ME as they can’t work the can opener or the refrigerator.   What a horrible thought and en even more horrible graphic.  Actually, being me right now isn’t such a bad thing.

Seriously, I am busy as hell doing what I finally am able to concentrate on, writing and knitting.  Being unemployed is not good, being broke sucks.  But, I am finally doing what I have aspired to do since I was in my teens, be nappy.  oops, I meant “happy,” be happy! I am a California gal, I just want to smile and be happy, no stress, no worries, pay rent, pay my bills, but be happy. 

When I was a teenager and I got to peek at a film script for movie More American Graffiti and I decided then that I wanted to write.  I started knitting when I was a girl, but I was bullied in middle school and high school for knitting and crocheting my own jumpers and hats.  But, I kept up both as best I could do, I am basically self-taught in both fields.

Unfortunately, I never kept journals, but I wrote plays for the kids in my neighborhood, mainly to keep them off the streets and from hurting each other.  When I noticed how talented the kids were and how enthused they were about being in plays I was hooked on writing.  I ran away from under my mother’s apron strings at twenty-three and went to Los Angeles; back home I studied acting and fancied being a Hollywood sitcom star.  Tee Vee dreams went south and I eventually returned to writing plays.  I had a few successes and won minor awards in L.A., but I returned home in the 1990s just when the economy sucked and local play theaters went  out of business.  I could not afford to produce my own work and I did not have enough resources to help me.  Unfortunately, I lost my playwright’s “mojo.”

in 2002 I discovered my mother was ill and two years later I placed her into an “assisted living” facility.  It was then that I discovered a literary book voice I never knew I had.  I started writing a book of poems; a memoir for mom and short stories including a book about a man slash cat, Spoiled Beyond Recognition.  I am currently writing my first full-length fiction novel, Girl With the Upside-Down Guitar; A fiction novel inspired by one of the author’s favorite movies, 1950 classic, “All About Eve,” starring Bette Davis and Celeste Holm.  “Girl With the Upside-Down Guitar,” is about sex; rock & roll; lies; adultery; blind ambition; extreme narcissism; delusion; and the corruption and manipulation of social media. The book is about one woman, a selfish ingenue obsessed with fame and fortune.

my GIRL book draft! “Draft” cover version, 2013

And, here I am, years later after having taken a “leap of faith” to focus on my literary and crafts life.  I am focused on me, not the dutiful daughter, sister or friend.  I am finally doing what makes me happy.  I am busy with blogs and websites to facilitate, employment to seek and a social life; I am a bit of a shut-in, although, the internet is helping me become more sociable. 

What is the point to this blog?  Well, I am not one for tooting my own horn, so to state, but I must admit for a old broke heffa with two elderly no-job-having pussies, depleted bank accounts and an expired bus pass, I am not doing too poorly.  I am doing everything on my own which is very difficult, but I am doing it with the push and determination I never thought I had. At a time when most people at mid-life are winding down and craving retirement in their second throng, I am just getting my life started!  I feel like my mojo is in place and ready to help me “get it crackin’!” More important, I am proud of myself for not giving up.  I almost did give up, but I am back on track because my head and my heart know what they want.  With a firm sense of fortitude and courage I am ready to take on my dreams full throttle!

And there it is.  And here I am.  And away I go; best seller; massive sales, fans; fame.  Yeap, I do believe being me right now is a good thing.  I do believe I am ready for my close-up.

See ya soon! LDS

TEE VEE, the new “city” job

I wrote about television and reality shows in another blog post, however, I feel compelled to write about those topics again.

Back in the day the most secure job to have if you did not pursue a professional career was to work for the City & County wherever you reside.  Working a “city job” meant for forty years or so you received a steady pay check with benefits and retirement.  You lived from paycheck to paycheck barely “eking” out a living paying bills, rent, etc., but it was a steady job.

Those nine-to-five days of working-for-the-city job security are long gone  – I myself am a laid off city employee.  The new “city job” happens to be working in television, “reality” television to be exact.  EVERYONE has their own reality tee vee show!  Dwarfs have a show; pit-bull owners and cute kittens and puppies have their own show, girlfriends of celebrity sports players; ex-wives of celebrity entertainers; movie and rap stars have their own shows; preachers; mistresses; gypsies; freaks & geeks; frugal and fetish-obsessed folks have shows.  Hoarders; babys mamas/babies daddies; pageant children; even bald Eskimo tap dancing zucchini farmers are the new normal these days!

I grew up at a time when television was very young commercially.  In the 1960s when I was a child tee vee was very innovative with creative shows that sparked imagination.  I loved watching television, actually tee vee was mine and my younger brother’s baby sitter after we came home from the “latch key” program.  We did not have video games and the internet to utilize, we had to use our imaginations and escaped into our own world with cardboard boxes, hair brushes and oratory – teachers verbalize stories to us and we pretended to be in that world.  We loved television shows back then including, HR Puff N Stuff about a boy who walked inside a hat and found a strange animated world.  One of my favorite nighttime shows was The Wild Wild West, a scientific-themed western.  Just between you and me, I loved seeing Robert Conrad in those tight pants and short-cropped bolero jacket!  Whoo, what a man!  There was I Dream of Jeannie, about a man in love with a genie in a bottle; Bewitched, about a man married to a witch.  By the 1970s television spawned variety shows like Carol Burnett; Sonny and Cher and The Jackson 5 and Osmond Brothers.  My imagination soared from those shows and many others.

These days television is less about escapism and more about obscure voyeurism, watching bankrupt folks and broke celebrity ex-wives and your neighbors publicly embarrass themselves by exposing their darkest secrets for a paycheck.  I personally am not mad at anyone’s hustle, this is a tough economy and people are making money however they can.  But, bring back actors and sitcoms and variety shows!  I am sick of seeing the same tired reality show formula; people drinking too much, fighting, vomiting, dressing poorly, screaming and yelling, sleeping with each other’s mates and using the “toob” to whine and complain about their ills because they can’t afford a therapist.  

The only good thing I see about reality shows is that it sparks a plethora of deals for those so-called “personalities.”  Endorsement deals, books deals, record deals and business deals.  And if that is what it takes to pay those bills I say to you Hollywood star wannbes, “good for you, go on get that money!” Hell, if reality tee vee pitched a show about a woman at mid-life who writes, knits and crochets and lives with two elderly pussies and has an expired bus pass, and I could make money at it, SIGN ME UP!  Of course the stipulation is that I won’t fight with my cats, nor will I expose myself.  Well, unless I can get parts of my body tightened, straitened, plumped and sanded.

Until then, happy tee vee watching for those of us who still care about watching television.

But, when I DO read…

my books 2When I was in my thirties, I returned home and moved back in with my mother after struggling during my twenties as a situation comedy star wannabe in Hollywood.  My mother Doris, a South Bronx native, gave me two choices. 

“Sorry, but  you can’t lay on the couch in a fetal position and have a nervous breakdown.  You can, however, do two things…work or school.  Or both!”

Being the ever dutiful daughter, I worked part-time and returned to college.  It was during those four years that I learned I inherited a hearing impairment gene and I learned I was cognitively dyslexic.  The latter explained much of the pain in my early years that I went through trying to read.  But, losing my hearing, well, it is what it is.

Reading is not my favorite thing to do, but when I DO read I try to find things that capture my attention.  Some things are suggested to me like David Sedaris’ Naked. I was inside the now defunct Stacey’s bookstore and I happened to pick up one of David’s books as suggested to me by an old friend who said David’s style seemed similar to mine.  I thought to myself…

“I have a writing style?  Wow, cool!”

I had never before heard of David Sedaris, but knew of his sister Amy and her “Strangers With Candy” tv show.  I opened to the first few pages of Naked where David pontificated about having the “servants wax his coins…” or whatever it was.  Suddenly I got the part when his mother yelled at him to stop playing around and dressing his cat like a “…two dollar whore.”  I was hooked.  What a great imagination David has.  And what a great way to start a book.

Some books I find accidentally.  I was in Starbucks a couple of years ago and picked up the book, The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein.  Not a fan of sentiment, but I thought for a guy the book was very sensitive.  And it was intriguing, I mean I know nothing about the mind of a race car driver.  But, the dog…ah,  forget about it!  I cried for days after I finished that book, and I hate having emotions pulled out of me.  Good read, talented writer.

Sometimes I find writers that I had never before heard of and when I read one of their books I am hooked. Charles Bukowski’s Post Office, for example.  Wow, what a salty, bitter, talented writer Bukowski was!  What a character!

The Metamorphosis I read for a college assignment and against my wishes.  What a truly disturbing book that was!  Sometimes when I am in my living room and I approach my bookcase I turn away from Kafka’s Metamorphosis because I can still see Gregor as a big ole nasty puss-filled roach!  Yikes!

The point of this long-overdue post, I am busy preparing knitting samples foe the holidays, is that I learned after I left Los Angeles what a true “artist” I really am.  Despite hearing impairment and dyslexia, college and having to work a nine-to-five from time-to-time to support myself, I AM an artist who knits, crochets, paints and more importantly, writes.  I am an artist and artists NEVER give up what helps them to breathe.  With that stated, I will continue to read what catches my fancy and I will write with whatever style suits me.  And, since I can’t focus on reading for more than a few minutes at a time I will hire an editor for my own work, well I have no choice.  But, I do edit my blogs which can be a “do” and a “don’t.”  By the way, I read Naked in six days which for me is an Olympian moment! #proud 

One last thing, I DO read female authors, I am discovering many female authors everyday.  Those I have read, Zora Neal Hurston and Toni Morrison, both introduced to me by mom, a voracious reader; Terry McMillian, Maya Angelou; Maxine Hong Kingston and Any Tan to name a few.  Funny, I have never read Amy Sedaris, guess I will have to now. 

The more I discover authors, when I DO read, authors both new and legendary like the great James Baldwin, the less insecure I feel about being dyslexic.

That’s all for now.  Until next time…

Please pick up my book “Spoiled Beyond Recognition” TODAY!  http://www.ldsargent.com/Spoiled.html



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Well, the ole gal’s book is finally ready for purchase!  Introducing SPOILED BEYOND RECOGNITION, the Unusual Life and Agony of an “Angry” Alpha Male, written by me, L.D. Sargent. Now available on Amazon.com.  Also available at Lulu.com. 

Spoiled is about a man who dies and returns to life as a cat that is adopted by his drinking friend and neighbor.

“Spoiled” offers a free LK crochet pattern at the end of the book.  And for the first few folks who purchase a book there will be a gift give-a-way.  Get your copy of Spoiled Beyond Recognition and give rave reviews TODAY!!!  And thanks to all of you in advance for your support!  Lorrie

If You Think You Can’t…

It’s been a little over a month since I returned back from my Caribbean birthday vacation and I have done more in three weeks than I have done in the three plus years I have been unemployed.

I am associated with a plethora of websites and blogs; I am running a Kickstarter campaign for my mom’s book; I joined “Affiliate” programs for my sites; I re-built two of my websites; applied for work online; I even considered Hollywood reality television shows.  I did all this without making any money, although, I am hopeful money will start to generate soon.

The best part of this journey is that the “leap of faith” I took is beginning to pay off.  It is paying off because I FINALLY convinced my universe that being a writer and being creative is where I am supposed to be, not stuck behind a desk churning out tons of paper everyday like a robot and being incredibly unhappy.

Nothing wrong with “working class,” but my current focus is no longer on benefits and bi-weekly paychecks.  My focus at mid-life is on moving forward, being happy and healthy in all that I feel and do and not to stress.  With every waking day I work hard on being positive, confident and achieving my goals.  I am not trying to convince myself with some sort of affirmation, “oh, you’ll be fine,” but I truly believe that so far, I am on my way. 

Just launched my latest book “Spoiled Beyond Recognition…” on Amazon.  http://amzn.to/16lgNC0 and also on lulu.com.  Also have a just published article about crafts and pop culture;  http://www.examiner.com/article/be-a-pop-culture-yarn-blaster 

Here are some of the other sites where you will find me doing my “thang!”



Lorrie KNITS!


It looks like it WILL be a good end of the year after all.  Wish everyone the best.  And, hey if you think you can’t, look at me and know you can.  Cheers!  LDS

“So much to do, so little time…”

Here I am again lamenting that I haven’t enough time in the day to do what I have to do.  I haven’t enough time to write, work on my blogs; websites; Kickstarter campaign; television pilot; pet the cats, AHS; braid my nappy hair; consider dating (still not at the top of my list).  What a mess!  When I was younger I NEVER worried about time, but the older I got time seems more elusive to me than a bi-weekly paycheck.    

I chose to take a leap of faith, a HUGE leap, so I can’t complain.  I chose to FINALLY live my life for ME, although, it is very stressful, but I can’t complain.   I have been so accustomed to walking against the wind down a path that leads no where that “doing for myself” almost seems unbearable, but I won’t complain.  Why?  Because I vowed to make MY life work for me.  And, I believe sometime soon this will all work out because I expect it to.

Until then, I rarely ask for help, but I will ask now.  Here is what I have been up to as of late.  Wish me luck and if you have time please support me by checking out these links!  Cheers!  LDS

TREASURES campaign.


New BOOK to hit Amazon soon. (see video)

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