golden writingA door has finally crept open, just a crack, just a bit to allow me to walk through.

With the help of “saints” and “special souls” I am able to realize my life-long dream of becoming a television writer.  My script might not make “traditional” television, it might  only become a short piece that piggy backs off some other show I am told.  WHO CARES?  I am just grateful to have a stab at something that makes ME feel happy and fulfilled.  They can put my show on the internet for free for all I care, as long as it is what I created.

I have only wanted one thing in my life, never achieved that, and yet I have done many other things, but only having performed them fairly well.  My mom used to teasing refer to me as a, “jack of all trades, master of none.”  She wanted me to pick one thing and do it well, but I just could not, I was all over the place. And now that I don’t have time to waste on lofty dreams and goals I may finally be forced to concentrate on doing one thing well, one thing that I have wanted to be since I was younger, become “a professional writer who gets paid doing what I love.”  Once I achieve that status all will be well with the world.  Until then I’ve got script re-writes, drafts and I will have to partner with other more established writers before anything happens with my script.  Again, WHO CARES?  I’m celebrating my artistic life!

Until I see my writing to a positive fruition, with the way Hollywood operates I will have to hold on to my 9 to 5 job, I’ll remain hopeful.  Hopeful and grateful to have a job, albeit a very stressful and draining job.  But, I will hold on to as much faith as I can in order to thrive beyond the bill paying world.  I will hold on to faith and believe that I will finally become the artist I was meant to be.  I am always golden, grateful to live and breathe and be healthy, but I am not completely in sync with my life, not while there is so much more living I need to do.  I am sounding like I have given way to a “positive affirmation” blog, buy oh well, whatever.  I will focus harder work harder on my goals and write harder.  When my big moment as a writer arrives and I see my work branch out from keyboard and computer screen to something bigger and more prosperous and on a more permanent basis I will truly be now and forever, BEYOND GOLDEN.

Cheers!  LDS

golden champs_edited

I AM Golden

golden doorGolden is how I feel. 

Resplendent and gliding

my small wide feet against stoned path and

Crushing weariness into a hopeful dust

To a an closed now open door.

golden 5 Golden is how I feel. 

Triumphant, tall and brilliant

like Naomi

Mocha, fierce and fabulous

and strong and knowing

I AM someone you want to know.

golden 2Golden is how I feel.

Into my mouth I place golden fruit

that glistens my gums and my tongue.

I shine golden and I sing golden and I speak golden.

I AM golden in this moment.

 golden 6  golden 3









Golden is how I feel.

With my freshly brewed morning cup and

golden chocolate drops

soothing and energizing my welcoming belly.

I am golden with refreshing LOVE and LIGHT

and I can see and think clearly.

golden 7Golden is how I feel.

Golden is who I am.

Golden is where I stand

Golden is where I belong.

I am Golden.