Finally…a blog. But, why?

I have never kept a journal.  Dyslexia makes reading difficult, yet I call myself a writer and I can knit a Norwegian Bolero jacket using 4 double-point needles.  I am not overly social, I am very much a loner, yet people tell me I am very personable and warm.  I will hold a conversation on just about anything when you see me in person, yet I rarely talk on the phone and most of my friends are mad at me ’cause I never turn on my cell, although, I do enjoy texting.  The last time I had company was, what, 2004?  So, like…why a blog?  And why now?

Modern technology is a reason for one, I mean I have to slide into the new Millennium or be left on the back burner, right?  Second, I am embarking on becoming a commercially published author.  I am told if I do not tell people I exist then how can I expect people to know who the hell I am?

Who is LD Sargent?  Well, I am complicated at best.  I seem easy to figure out, but as soon as one tries one fails miserably.  I will sum myself up like this; whatever mood I am in is who I am at the moment.

I have lots of projects in the works – all listed on my website .  My current completed project is a book I wrote on behalf of my ailing mother titled: TREASURE OF A BRONX WARRIOR; Photographs and Memories of a Devout New Yorker, Movie Star Hopeful and Loving Mother. Treasures is a book about my mother Doris Banbury’s 1950s New York photographs of A-list celebrities including Sammy Davis Jr.; Marilyn Monroe and Dame Elizabeth Taylor.  A select few of Doris’ photos are currently in an exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern art on the fourth floor.  The exhibit is titled; EXPOSED, Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera Since 1870.

So, there it is and there I am.  See ya soon, but not sure when.  LDS