holidays 1Not always.  But, during the holidays – life can be very blue.  But, blue is not such a bad color and the blues is not such a bad emotion.  Especially when the blues is offered in the manner as the creative artists before me have offered.


Billie participated in life and,

Holidays 2Billie sang life’s blues

Billie breathed life’s blues

Billie lived life’s blues

Memphis Minnie  participated in life and,

Holidays 3Memphis Minnie played & sang life’s blues

Memphis Minnie breathed life’s blues

Memphis Minnie lived life’s blues

Etta participated in life and,

Holidays 4Etta sang life’s blues

Etta breathed life’s blues

Etta lived life’s blues

Janis participated in life and,

holidays 7aJanis sang life’s blues

Janis breathed life’s blues

Janis lived life’s blues

Upon observation of all those talented artists before me who participated in life to the fullest despite life’s often hard BLUE edges, I keep in mind that Holidays are not just for family and friends.  Holidays for me offer the keys to gratitude for my artistic soul that will forever

holidays 8open doors.

holidays 9Doors that open wide and offer all the imagination in life I need to create the life I choose.holidays 6blue yarn 2holiday blue

holidays 5blue royal


KNIT a creative life

CRAFT a creative life

PAINT a creative life

WRITE a creative life 

LIVE a creative life EVERY day


Happy BLUE Holidays

from a creative artist named L.D.



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