Today I Am EmpTEA

Today I am EmpT E A

Unlike a full pot poised to pour into saucers .

I sat in a cafe one afternoon and could not get my mind to work.

What free time I had to myself without the ole 9-2-5 or

The animals or

The friends or

The family, belonged to me, yet I could not concentrate.

Then I ordered, not coffee, but my favorite cup of Earl Grey – with milk and sugar.

TEA 5I had my lap top with me, I was ready to write and create.

But, my mind would not cooperate, so

I sipped, and sipped and I looked down into my cup for inspiration


I listened to plenTEA of folks talking and laughing

And engaging in one activiTEA or another.

Many of the folks were feisTEA and chatTEA with

robust intensiTEA.

TEA 3They had the abiliTEA to make each other laugh

Their youthful gaieTEA was intoxicating and fun.

I continued watching the folks talk and laugh and

For a moment I thought I had something, something cute and sharp and witTEA.

TEA 1But, then it went away.

So, I continued drinking tea

And I had cookies with it, cookies shaped like tea bags.

I love drinking tea.

TEA 4I love drinking coffee, but I love tea too.

Ah, but there is nothing more to write, nothing to muse about.

Just me, tea, cookies and writer’s block.

Yes, today I am empTEA, but tomorrow will

bring another hopeful day of writing.

Until then, blah, sip and cheers!


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