Karma Rose

I have a very firm belief in Karma

I believe in good Karma.rose 1I believe so strongly in good Karma that

when people attempt to hurt

or mistreat

when people attempt

to block blessings

or cause others to doubt or hate

when people speak ill

I turn negativity into the color rose.

Rose flowers given to me by someone who loves me.rose 2When people melt with deference

when they bristle with venom

at my very existence,

I see the color rose in a rusty chair

that I sit in to watch and wait and smile

I wait for Karma, 

to handle haters.rose 3And I rise above

Living and flourishing

And eating rose-colored, rose-flavored candy

And I revel in gratitude that

Karma is the color rose

and that Karma DOES exist

while haters do not.
rose 4Before you enter your rose-tinted door to your rose-happy life never forget…

…Karma exists for everyone.  And good Karma is the color rose.


2 thoughts on “Karma Rose

  1. Sandy Stevens June 4, 2015 / 3:38 am

    Beautiful Lori!

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