“Two Birds, One Stone”

I never really enjoyed hearing the phrase “kill two birds with one stone,” I could never be so cruel.  But, it’s only a phrase, you’re doing as much as you can with what little time you’ve got. I chose to use the phrase as title for my latest video, a brief bit of travel for business, or as the hip-hoppers say, “being on my grind,” and some fun.  The business or “grind” deals with my upcoming fiction book, “Girl With the Upside Down Guitar.”  More on that later.  The “fun” was supposed to be a visit to the Grammy Museum to see the Donna Summer exhibit, featuring some of her costumes, writing and art work.  I believe these contributions were given their blessing by Donna’s husband Bruce Sudano and Donna’s three daughters, Mimi Dohler, Brooklyn Sudano-McGlafin and Amanda Sudano-Ramirez.  sisters and the Gaines family and respective families.  And I believe the exhibit got the blessing of Donna’s sisters and the Gaines family and respective families.

Now that I think about it, “kill two birds?” after having viewed the personal belongings of legends such as Tupac Shakur, Mike Jackson and Donna Summer?  OMG, what an idiot I am!  I might have phrased that better.  ~sigh~  Wow.  I think what I am trying to do with my life now is grab passion, work hard for passion and live life with as much passion as possible.  That’s all I want to do right now, not kill two birds.  I want to live my life to the fullest and do as much as I can with what time I have left. Perhaps that is what my title should have been, “life and passion,” not “two birds, one stone.”  Well, who cares, too late. Geesh!  :c(

Visiting the museum was not exactly the thrill I thought it would be.  The museum is a nice site nestled amongst a thriving bustling downtown Los Angeles, wow!  I had not lived in LA since the 80’s, what an expansion!  But, how could the fun really be fun when I can’t Tweet or Facebook or Instagram such wonderfully talented artists as Pac, Jackson or Summer and thank them for their contributions?  So, I was a bit sad about having to see their pictures behind glass showcases rather than in person.  But, ah Donna, well she was special to me.  I was a teen a when she flourished musically, I tried to sing like her, my voice back then sounded only slightly similar, and I mean ONLY SLIGHTLY.  And, I had no idea Donna was so gifted, so “deep” and so tall!  And Donna spoke German, she left for Europe just out of high school, very impressive.  Just a few things I learned about her from reading her book and viewing her online videos.  Great lady. 

I admired Donna because she was not only a talented singer with a huge vocal range, alto, soprano, etc., but Donna took chances and she was a wife and mother; a life that I never got to experience.  The exhibit showed off Donna’s beautiful paintings; pencil renditions of costume design, her writings and a couple of videos showcasing her musical abilities and dramatic flare. I believe Donna had it all and I admired her for her drive, risk taking and passion.  My passion?  Well, it left the building years ago. but I am working hard to get it back.  I am not aiming to become the iconic star Donna was, but I would not mind inspiring people like I think she did for me.  To be passionate, take chances and live the life you set out to have.

Until I write again, hopefully with a clearer head for blog titles, enjoy the video and the song at the end called “I’m a Fire” from Donna Summer’s album, Crayons.  It is a remix created in 2008, by someone named Matty Soulflower.   I chose the song to celebrate Donna and her “transition” as it took me this long to deal with her death, not mourn her life.  The version of her song is very San Francisco club mix. In honor of Miss Donna and others who have left far too soon, enjoy.

Cheers! LDS


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