“All Work, FINALLY Some Play”

Last night I went out for what seems like a once-a-year type event these days, dinner and show.  Had a great time listening to what I consider a blend of bluegrass, rock, blues and soul from three bands at Slim’s downtown SF.  The young man who headlines the last band, a self-titled band, THE SAM CHASE, was very warm and friendly when I was able to approach him after the show.  He actually allows people on stage for the finale, I suspect many of them knew all the songs and are followers of Sam’s.  He has a new fan in me for sure.  Very energetic, fun and Sam’s voice gives me a louder version of Bob Dylan, I mean the boy can scream and growl with the best of the old school blues singers!  His mom, Sheila, is a friend and neighbor of my good friend, so I caught an invited ride home with her.  Course, it took us a minute to find her car.  But, it was a warm and lovely evening, so the walk did us great. :c)

But, a good time was had and I appreciate the free ticket and food.  I will try my best to make going out like I used to do a bi-monthly event.  Check out the video and enjoy.  (The two bands who proceeded, Marty O’Reily & the Old Soul Orchestra and Arann Harris & the Farm Band, were equally impressive).



A study in darkness
is a study in depth.
A study in darkness and depth
transcends a weary creative soul
and blends breath with blood
and blood with dust.
There is no sorrow or pain
in a grey and silver world
Only light
Only love
Only billowing warmth
of ascending grey bubbles
that burst from inside a silver bottle
that broke and filled
the air with tears of joy.
Tears that caressed broad strokes
across a palate
that is my hopeful soul.
I breathed grey and silver dust
to the wind today
And in return the wind
blew me gently to the clouds
and I rose smiling and illuminating. LDS