LorrieKNITS! Presents…

I write and I knit, have been for years.  Here is a promo introducing the LorrieKNITS! line of accessories for 2015. Mini sweater key chains that come with a special “twist,” a children’s book about a girl who knits stories. Watch and enjoy!


Today I see clearly where my imagination
wants me to be.

sepia 3
Sat behind a closed old sepia door,
A beautiful relic with
round flat stone steps,
and crusted weeds that burst wilted and tired from the ground.

sepia 1
Writing modern-day stories
on old flat round keys.
As I wrote I dreamed of Europe…

sepia 2
…Paris in particular. LDS


new day

Welcome to 2015!  While I wait for the residue of 2014 to wash off my weary body I plan to be very busy in 2015 which unfortunately means I won’t “blog” very often, but  I WILL work on blogging as frequently as I can.  Until then I will “reflect” how I feel and what I hope to feel with great images and my words that speak volumes for me for the year ahead.  Feel free to feel what I feel and enjoy!  See you soon!


orange ky

In my mind I wander,

along a path.

I find a rusted door with a rusted lock,

but no key.

I wander, drenched in a hue

that reflects for me

a bright “shimmer” resonating a deep glowing wave of hope.

orange wave

I wandered not far from the rusted door,

I wish I had the key.

I stepped over the rusted locks

that lay along the path near the door.

orange links

The rusted worn locks had beauty to them

a pained and crinkled solemn splendor

that lay on the path beneath a lamp.

The lamp illuminated the very glow

I wanted my soul to feel, and I smiled.

orange light

As I  wandered I looked up to find

a timid little bird

that rested not far from my path

although, it did not notice me.

orange bird

On my way home, in my mind

I burned an orange candle

and I reflected my journey

along a path with an orange hue

and a light of glowing hope

that I know will bring to me

a new year of many colors

that I will relish and savor

And find peace, love, happiness

and success in every sense of the word! 

orange candle