I believe that given this ever-changing internet era, it is a good time to be alive, yeap it is.  It is especially a good time when contacting with “noted” folks, or celebrities. Some of us on occasion, in my case only occasionally, like to write, tweet, Facebook celebs and immediately connect with celebs which is pretty cool. But, I have learned that the difference between literary and visual connection is way different. When you write, you run the risk of misunderstanding and misrepresentation. But, when you speak face-to-face you don’t need to clarify yourself with winks, LOLs or happy faces. You simply speak your mind and the person you spoke to gets it. Or not.

Back in the day you wrote letters to your favorite stars and were lucky if they were not returned to you unopened. But, in the internet era celebs actually connect with you! You write your thoughts, they see your thoughts and they know how you feel! Cool, right? If you are lucky you might catch a celeb in mid-tweet, or on Facebook, Tumblr, etc. and garner a response right on the spot. Whoa!

The upside is that the celeb might “favorite,” “re-tweet” or even reply, ever happen to you? They may “like” or make a small comment to an earnest response you made to their work, their music or their role with a, “cool,” or “nice,” or “thanks.”  Feels good being acknowledged by a celeb, right?

The downside, depending on what you write, might get a negative response, something that is misunderstood without a happy face, wink or sidebar. That ever happen to you? You end up feeling like you did something wrong, “gosh, did I actually upset the singer/actor/whatever whose music/movies I support?” How many of us write to our favorite celebs only to have them misunderstand our tweets or Facebook/Tumblr/etc. posts? How does it make you feel? Do you still like the celeb after they ripped into you?

I recently tweeted about a married duo I have come to enjoy and whose music I purchased, JOHNNYSWIM. Actually, I think I only connected to them because of the wife’s mother whom I adored, Donna Summer. I grew up listening to Donna’s music and Donna’s husband’s music, Bruce Sudano, solo artist who occasionally performs with Brooklyn Dreams. Took me almost two years to accept that Donna passed since she did not share with fans that she was ill, which is fine, some things do not need to be shared. I’d like to think Donna brought me to her daughter and her husband, this is an amazingly talented duo. But, I digress, I always do. Anywhoo, I don’t know who moderates J.S.’s Twitter account, but whomever he/she was, they did not like a comment I made about a venue J.S. will appear at.

 4:06 PM – 18 Apr 2014

@LDSargent: “JS will appear in SF in June at a 1914 bldg that was a mortuary refurbished into restaurant/bar.”

@JOHNNYSWIM  “Info I could’ve gone w/out?

@LDSargent: @JOHNNYSWIM  “Quoted what was on their website, figured you knew since you’ll be there. No worries, have a great tour.”

I simply stated a fact and a bit of what is historically part of my hometown, yet someone read in it something bad, I think. Or maybe they were being smart-ass and I could not tell since there was no wink or happy face. I finally realized the idea of mentioning a mortuary might have set them off, but LOSS is everyone’s burden, not just two young folks who were talented enough to bleed out their pain with great writing and music.

I am not angry at being misunderstood, I will continue to support the duo, but my suggestion to any noted person, any celeb out there and/or their moderators who pick and choose whose tweets, etc. they respond to, and READ THIS CLEARLY, if you don’t like what you read from a fan/supporter, simply don’t respond.” It is the mature and probably the safest thing to do and it will prevent confusion and hurt feelings. My suggestion to us peons, us “regular” folk, write whatever you want, but keep in mind some celebs might write back. ;c)   As for you folks who marry into “royalty,” in this case marrying noted folks or their children, good for you, you are in a very tight-knit cliche.  But, keep in mind, life is not always fair and it does not last forever.  Karma, however, does last, so watch your back and try not to disrespect those who support you.

This is a good time to be alive and to connect with celebs, but be aware of what and how you write, that’s what I have learned. Or, write what you want and feel comforted that a celeb is “feisty” enough to write his/her disagreement with you which makes them more human, than “noted.”  As I deal with my nearly non-existent ailing mom; my aging cats; and my lack of having my own family, I choose to live in a positive, happy environment with anyone out there who chooses the same. We all suffer loss, however, I choose not to live with the pain, but to live regardless of it. Like Johnhnyswim says in one of their songs, “…I’ll die when I’m done.” Well stated, ‘cause I sure ain’t done LIVING.  In closing, I am happy that there are people out there, including celebs, who allow me to speak to them through my fingertips and share with them comments or recipes or videos or pictures, etc. from one human being to another.

Have a great week ahead, back soon! Lorrie  

A few artists who appreciate ALL their fans; Dwight and Nicole (Great band, great folks); AloeBlacc; LoNero ☆Guitarcore☆ The Sam Chase; Orianthi (this busy gal actually follows ME); The Mystro Power of Music Band, etc.


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