The Blog H.O.R.E. – I Blog, therefore, I H.O.R.E.

All my life I have always felt like I was on the outside looking in. Never quite part of the crowd and never in control of my own life. This is me.

I do not completely tuck in my sheets when I make my bed, if I make my bed.

I don’t wear wigs or weaves, but I will braid in loose hair because my own hair is not as long or thick as it used to be.

I’m not Afro-centric, I don’t sound “black,” I don’t entirely dress “black,” I don’t act “black” unless you piss me off or make me laugh hysterically; “Ohhhh, lawd b**ch, you are so stupid! *snort*” Seriously, I laugh like a drunken pterodactyl getting a pedicure with a monkey wrench. Horrible.

I date once every five or six Millenniums.

I have lived and resided in San Francisco my entire life, but I am not gay and I don’t “blaze.”

There aren’t many people out there like me, I am a relative “shut in,” I’ve got no kids, no husband, no grand kids, who lives like that? Everyone has kids and everyone blazes! But, I am a fairly private person who uses Social Media to help me become more sociable. Did I mention I have two cats? Never thought I would be at mid-life with two cats and no husband.

When I became less afraid to venture online and use social media about four years ago, I took a “leap of faith” and I started to communicate more online. I built a couple of websites, I bought things online, I tweet(ed), I Facebook(ed), I Youtub(ed), I Ebay(ed), Tumbl(ed) and Instagram(ed.) I made it all, I Pinterest(ed), I Vimeo(ed), I Word Press(ed), I Yahoo(ed), lord hammercy, and I started blogging.

About four years ago when I was laid off my co-called “secure” city job, I did something completely unacceptable for a normal working-class old gal with all her mental faculties, I focused on writing and finding my “bliss.” I had never really been happy with my life, I was the dutiful daughter to my now elderly and ailing mother. But, at mid-life I finally found my “groove.” Of course, I am penni-less, benefit-less, boyfriend-less, in debt for the first time in my entire life, I’ve got two elderly pussies and an expired bus pass and I inherited my mom’s bunions. But, I am seriously for the first time EVER in my entire life…COMPLETELY HAPPY. (I continue to seek employment, let’s face it, the cats can’t work!) But, I am happy.

I feel like I finally set up my universe just for ME. I am writing now more than ever; I am a playwright slash author of over thirty-seven years, but right now I can say “I am a writer” and mean it! And I’m a blogger! Blogging is the thing to do these days, although, it takes up a lot of time and effort and it kind of gets in the way of my “real” writing efforts. And, one has to know how to spell and edit; I’m merely “okay” at both. But, I am happy to blog. I am The Blog Happy Outcast who Rules Everything! Meaning, I still feel like an outcast especially now that I and San Francisco have grown so much older amongst all these young and affluent internet businesses, but I feel more in control now and I feel like I rule everything about my life at this point. And that is a good thing.

So there it is and here I am, L.D. Sargent, “ole skool” quirky native San Franciscan. Glad to meet you.


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