Writng a book…whooo, chile!


Writing a book can be brutal.  This is my opinion, obviously.  But, wow.

I’m up early shortly before 7am.  Began my morning “grind” of my favorite coffee beans, a well-used cheap convenience store coffee pot and my cuppa.  My other grind would be writing; I am taking a break from MBPL, LK and SPOILED to complete all the chapters of my first fiction novel before I send it to an editor.  I’m just going to send it as is and pay whatever I have to pay to let someone else help me figure it out.  I can’t take it anymore.  I’m broke.  Still broke.  I’m tired, very tired.  My hair’s not combed, picked out or brushed and I’m confused, born that way I believe, but yeah, whooo, chile!  

It’s all the book’s fault, that’s what it is, I know it is.  Writing can be brutal and I am beaten and battered, truly.  But, I have to move forward and I will, I will move forward.  But, enough about my “issues,” so how are you all doing?  Good, I hope.   How’s the family?  Pets?  Lovers?  Friends?  Oh dear lord, please help me!

No, no, no, no I’ll be fine, really, no need to worry about me.  I’ve eaten breakfast, about to have my last cuppa of the morning and I’m ready to get back to the grind.  Just needed to vent.  I’m better now.  Back soon. 

Need more coffee.  See ya!


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