Baby Steps

Givenchy - Front Row - PFW F/W 2013Kim Kardashian, Kanye West courtesy of Celebuzz

Dreams don’t always have to be “deferred,” they CAN come true in any form!  But, before one gets Pulitzer or Emmy or Oscar or Book of the Month Club Award for his/her writing work one must crawl before one takes a big long walk to success.

Thank you CELEBUZZ for acknowledging me, a person who expresses her creative opinions about some of the personalities and stars you support.  Thank you for recognizing me as a talented “non-celeb” without judging me or my blog.  While I am not a big fan of the drone that is “reality tee vee,” I am a fan of people who do big things with whatever talents they do have.

Last year Celebuzz chose my caption for the CAPTION THIS contest which made me feel like the star I thought I once wanted to be.  I now realize I am a “loner” writer who chooses privacy and anonymity over fame.  But, I am still a star at heart!

I AM a winner!  Hey, this post may seem silly to some, but I consider this honor a “baby step” upward, forward and onward to success.  Every little bit of recognition helps.  I will treasure this honor and when I become the “Best Selling Reclusive Author,” I am destined to become I will definitely keep Celebuzz in mind for my future “no comment!” posts.

My wining caption

Celbuzz and Kanye and Kim


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