SNL Mocha Chocolatta

szMs. Sasheer Zamata, SNL cast member

For eleven wonderful years I was in love with MADtv and its ethnically diverse and exceptionally talented cast, Debra Wilson; Mo Collins, Mike McDonald, etc.  I watched SNL for years, but was always perturbed that they primarily featured white actors, although, many of those actors were very talented and developed great and timeless characters.  But, rarely did I see a black woman, or even an Asian or Latino woman on the show, unless I missed something over the years.

Finally not only has SNL changed its tune about the fact that diversity on television and in film truly matters to the very diverse people in this country, they also stepped up their game a bit more.

leslie and lakendraMs. LaKendra Tookes and Ms. Leslie Jones

SNL will now feature – I hope for more than three or four shows – a black female cast member, Sasheer Zamata, and two black female writers, LaKendra Tookes (left) and Leslie Jones (right).  Although Kerry Washington wore it out when she appeared on SNL…“who dat what, what now how?”  You had to see her Miss America skit or whatever it was, hysterical!  These three additions are lovely, and no doubt I will check out their work, I just hope they will be showcased in all their ethnic glory if there is such a term. 

I grew up in diverse San Francisco, Ca. with kids pretty much of all ethnic groups during the 1960s and 1970s.  I never ever doubt that people of all races can be funny Filipino; Asian, Latino, Irish, Jewish, Black, I’ve seen it personally.  I knew a Chicano kid back in middle school who wore Ben Davis’, bandanas, plaid shirts and he could tell jokes that would make you pee on yourself!  I mean, he dropped the “cholo” attitude when he did comedy because he loved making people laugh!  I just wish Hollywood in all its “fame and glory” magnificence would step up to the plate more often to reflect diversity.  But anyway…

I am happy to support these lovely young ladies as well as Chris Spencer, guest writer and Kenan Thompsonk and Jay Pharoah.  I support all the talented cast and writers of SNL including ex-members Kristen Wiig and her funny characters and Mr. Schweddy Balls himself, Alec Baldwin who appeared numerous times.  I just like seeing diversity because in life we all are pretty much related to each other, aren’t we?  We’re related by talents, comedy, skills, hair, size, shapes, and most of us are related by blood going way back generationally.  This is a country rich with diversity, right?  So, why not reflect that in all we do on camera or in film and more importantly in the work force. 

I will have my eyes on SNL to see if they truly do deliver and allow these new additions to flourish.  Until then, here’s to lots of laughter and sore bellies!  LDS


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