My “with-age-comes-wisdom” pre-New Year rant

This is what being “older” has taught me.  I have learned that people of all ages, cultures, sizes and shapes are the same all over the world.  We all are human and all humans have, for the most part, commonalities.  Some commonalities are good and some are bad.  The “good” commonality is obvious, sparkling personality; nice smile; positive attitude; trust; in fellow-man/woman; non-judgmental and we love to fantasize and make-believe. 

The “bad” commonality is sad and also obvious: distrust; negative personality; judgmental and a term that’s been around for a while, “nickel slick” as the old term goes.  The bad commonality is what irks me.

I don’t like people who use others.  Some people use their “nickel-slick” charms to gain the trust of unsuspecting “dupes.” I think that sucks.  They have goals to get whatever they want from whomever will give it to them.  They were either brought up to be that way or they are that way naturally.  Whomever they are their goal is to take people for granted and I don’t approve.  If there’s an honest person in American there’s an honest person in a foreign country.  If there’s a nickel-slick person in America, there’s a nickel-slick person in a foreign country.   We are all the same both good and bad.

But the “bad” in people, well it sucks.  People all over the world dupe each other into believing what they want them to believe with their lofty dreams and even loftier lies. They manipulate mass media all in an effort to post lies and fabrications online for some personal gain or notoriety or money.  Tall tales and fancy tricks and schemes all over the world have grown bigger and brighter, we all trick each other into believing whatever we want; we steal each other’s identities and personal information; we download pictures of people’s children for illegal gain.  We upload other people’s photos and make them our screensaver or pretend the photo is ours.  Like with Pinterest, anything you post can be beautiful and captivating with just a click, but a “hustler” sees that click as something to gain rather than share.  That’s not cool.  I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a “hustle” to get from point A to point B.  And there’s nothing wrong with your fantasy world, or whatever makes you happy.  But, when you hustle other people to get what you want or to be regarded as something you are not, when you misuse their trust by being “nickel-slick, you hurt them, but you also hurt yourself in the long run. 

People are doing it all over the world, developing fancy websites with fancy and lofty photos of themselves appearing to be lavishing and happy and wealthy.  They take dozens of photos at red carpet opening night events and make others believe they are attending the event and are a sought after star because they wish they were.  Someone somewhere believes that person truly is as grandiose as they perceive themselves to be when they really aren’t.   Nothing wrong with that until they are befriended in hopes of gaining friendship or perhaps gaining what they think the person has.  What they don’t know is that the person is a big fat lie.  Who wins here?  If you are a Hollywood star hopeful why not study your craft and rehearse and be the best STAR you can be?  Why pretend?  Do you really need to validate yourself with lies and fabrication?  Maybe you do, but leave good-hearted folks out of it.

This is what being “older” has taught me.  We are all the same, we are all human with human tendencies and personalities and disabilities and transparencies.  We all have the same faults, we all sin and we all are saints.  We all have fun with the internet and we pretend to do “this thing” and “that thing.” Some of us are “nickel slick” and some too trusting for our own good.   GO ahead, do what you have to do to feed yourself and your family, create a fancy website to make yourself appear to be more than what you are; pretend to be a king and queen or whatever makes you happy.  But, don’t dupe people, don’t misuse people’ trust and take from them just to validate your lofty ideals and depraved lifestyle.  Don’t be nickel-slick, work for what you want.  And if you can’t get the help and support you need to get where you want to go, meet people who can help you and who are aware of what you are trying to accomplish.  Personally I could use a “baller” in my life right now.  Being an independent black woman has grown old. ;c)

I like to think I am a pretty good person, a non-nickel-slick chick who does not “use” people.  And to keep me “grounded” I always remember the old adage, “what goes around comes around.”  It does.  Trust me!

 Cheers and happy holidays, LDS


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