TEE VEE, the new “city” job

I wrote about television and reality shows in another blog post, however, I feel compelled to write about those topics again.

Back in the day the most secure job to have if you did not pursue a professional career was to work for the City & County wherever you reside.  Working a “city job” meant for forty years or so you received a steady pay check with benefits and retirement.  You lived from paycheck to paycheck barely “eking” out a living paying bills, rent, etc., but it was a steady job.

Those nine-to-five days of working-for-the-city job security are long gone  – I myself am a laid off city employee.  The new “city job” happens to be working in television, “reality” television to be exact.  EVERYONE has their own reality tee vee show!  Dwarfs have a show; pit-bull owners and cute kittens and puppies have their own show, girlfriends of celebrity sports players; ex-wives of celebrity entertainers; movie and rap stars have their own shows; preachers; mistresses; gypsies; freaks & geeks; frugal and fetish-obsessed folks have shows.  Hoarders; babys mamas/babies daddies; pageant children; even bald Eskimo tap dancing zucchini farmers are the new normal these days!

I grew up at a time when television was very young commercially.  In the 1960s when I was a child tee vee was very innovative with creative shows that sparked imagination.  I loved watching television, actually tee vee was mine and my younger brother’s baby sitter after we came home from the “latch key” program.  We did not have video games and the internet to utilize, we had to use our imaginations and escaped into our own world with cardboard boxes, hair brushes and oratory – teachers verbalize stories to us and we pretended to be in that world.  We loved television shows back then including, HR Puff N Stuff about a boy who walked inside a hat and found a strange animated world.  One of my favorite nighttime shows was The Wild Wild West, a scientific-themed western.  Just between you and me, I loved seeing Robert Conrad in those tight pants and short-cropped bolero jacket!  Whoo, what a man!  There was I Dream of Jeannie, about a man in love with a genie in a bottle; Bewitched, about a man married to a witch.  By the 1970s television spawned variety shows like Carol Burnett; Sonny and Cher and The Jackson 5 and Osmond Brothers.  My imagination soared from those shows and many others.

These days television is less about escapism and more about obscure voyeurism, watching bankrupt folks and broke celebrity ex-wives and your neighbors publicly embarrass themselves by exposing their darkest secrets for a paycheck.  I personally am not mad at anyone’s hustle, this is a tough economy and people are making money however they can.  But, bring back actors and sitcoms and variety shows!  I am sick of seeing the same tired reality show formula; people drinking too much, fighting, vomiting, dressing poorly, screaming and yelling, sleeping with each other’s mates and using the “toob” to whine and complain about their ills because they can’t afford a therapist.  

The only good thing I see about reality shows is that it sparks a plethora of deals for those so-called “personalities.”  Endorsement deals, books deals, record deals and business deals.  And if that is what it takes to pay those bills I say to you Hollywood star wannbes, “good for you, go on get that money!” Hell, if reality tee vee pitched a show about a woman at mid-life who writes, knits and crochets and lives with two elderly pussies and has an expired bus pass, and I could make money at it, SIGN ME UP!  Of course the stipulation is that I won’t fight with my cats, nor will I expose myself.  Well, unless I can get parts of my body tightened, straitened, plumped and sanded.

Until then, happy tee vee watching for those of us who still care about watching television.


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