If You Think You Can’t…

It’s been a little over a month since I returned back from my Caribbean birthday vacation and I have done more in three weeks than I have done in the three plus years I have been unemployed.

I am associated with a plethora of websites and blogs; I am running a Kickstarter campaign for my mom’s book; I joined “Affiliate” programs for my sites; I re-built two of my websites; applied for work online; I even considered Hollywood reality television shows.  I did all this without making any money, although, I am hopeful money will start to generate soon.

The best part of this journey is that the “leap of faith” I took is beginning to pay off.  It is paying off because I FINALLY convinced my universe that being a writer and being creative is where I am supposed to be, not stuck behind a desk churning out tons of paper everyday like a robot and being incredibly unhappy.

Nothing wrong with “working class,” but my current focus is no longer on benefits and bi-weekly paychecks.  My focus at mid-life is on moving forward, being happy and healthy in all that I feel and do and not to stress.  With every waking day I work hard on being positive, confident and achieving my goals.  I am not trying to convince myself with some sort of affirmation, “oh, you’ll be fine,” but I truly believe that so far, I am on my way. 

Just launched my latest book “Spoiled Beyond Recognition…” on Amazon.  http://amzn.to/16lgNC0 and also on lulu.com.  Also have a just published article about crafts and pop culture;  http://www.examiner.com/article/be-a-pop-culture-yarn-blaster 

Here are some of the other sites where you will find me doing my “thang!”



Lorrie KNITS!


It looks like it WILL be a good end of the year after all.  Wish everyone the best.  And, hey if you think you can’t, look at me and know you can.  Cheers!  LDS


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