VOLUNTEERING and FRIENDSHIP; “Grueling” and “Sacred”

Wow!  Yesterday I spent my morning and mid afternoon volunteering at Martin De Porres House of Hospitality along with my friends of over forty years, Jill and Andy A.  Okay, now I go to the gym every other day about an hour or so each day, and I come home with an abundance of energy.  But, preparing food and stirring two large pots of Lentil soup and ladling and handing out bowls of soup and plates of salad to a plethora of homeless and in need folks…whew, ain’t no joke, ya’ll!!!

I did not stay until the very end to wash dishes and clean up, but I did come home battered, bruised and tired!  Aging ain’t no joke, either!  I could swear I would have knocked this out of the box and stayed ’till the very end with energy to spare had I been in my twenties or thirties or if I had gone to the gym first. 

Andy and Jill are staunch community supporters and supporters of their church St. Paul – where I used to attend and received my confirmation decades ago, I’m non-practicing at this point.  They are the reason I volunteer from time to time.  To their credit, they raised three beautiful and successful children, all three are Berkeley College educated and married with kids.  We met, A, J and I, as teens.  I also used to baby sit their brood, I’ve known them since the eldest was about nine months old.  Even though I did not go their path, I’m unemployed, unmarried without kids and grandkids and I am taking a leap of faith at my age to become a working published author.  I very much appreciate their friendship compared to others who have lost faith in me.  I’ll never forget that Andy, Jill and one of their kids and new mom Katie attended one of my book readings years ago. I appreciate their support.

Well, it’s Sunday and I have  lots of writing to do before I hit the gym.  Speaking of exercise, I will definitely “hit the gym” before the next Martin day (every third Saturday of the month).  

Last thing I must state, volunteering can be grueling, but eventful.  Friendship, however, is truly sacred.  Cheers!

me, Andy and Jill 4-2013          Martin de Porres House of Hospitality


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