The “S” Word

Well, kids I am not writing in my blog as much these days while I attempt to finish two fiction books and, of course, move out of state.  Both things are daunting tasks and expensive, but while life does its thing, all I can do is live in it and keep my head above water.

The good news is I have support from a boutique American and International literary agency who partnered with me and my projects.  As a result of that tiny agency’s efforts, I am being considered by entertainment folks, not necessarily Hollywood, which makes me very happy.  (Americans can be VERY jaded and judgmental especially with creative non-mainstream souls who simply want to have their voice heard in an  already crowded creative market).   I am grateful for the attention and can’t wait to finish my projects.

Keep in mind I am a self-taught writer who is neither well-known or seasoned, my degrees are in Psychology not creative writing and  I do not blog or market myself very well.  By all accounts I should not be considered.  The advent of Social Networking, however, has allowed me to alert the WORLD of my presence.  With that stated I dare you to keep up with me as I ride the waves while I continue to be broke, unemployed, but silly happy.  The way I see it these days is that success, whether financial, love, work or friendship is within my grasp even when my grip is often weak.  Actually, I get so frustrated I lament that I will NEVER find SUCCESS.  But, I also keep in mind a few things to strengthen my “grip” on a daily basis: 

My hands – knit, write.

My brain – read, create and learn.

My body & heart – cardiovascular.

My soul – fortify with faith, courage and positivity.

By doing these things I remind myself that SUCCESS is in fact the air I breathe and the life I live in abundance every single day.  All other successes are merely in my grasp. And while we none of us are perfect, I will continue to strengthen my GRIP, daily.



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