“What I choose to (BE)lieve…”

I call myself a “writer,” yet I have no formal training, no strong resume and people do not know who I am, but I call myself a “writer,” have been writing since I was a teen.  I hate the idea of marketing myself and I struggle to get folks to notice me, actually I hate the idea of putting myself out there, but it must be done.   I am a WRITER, after all, who created a fiction novel and e-book that I think will be entertaining.

We all of us can be whatever we want.  We can call ourselves whatever we choose.  We can believe what we want to believe about ourselves.   All we have to remember is to STAND BY what we believe, stand by who we think we are and  stand by what we call ourselves.  As long as we aren’t hurting people, everything is fine.   That’s what I choose to do with my life right now, live without hurting people if I can help it.  From there the journey truly begins..   :c)

Look for my V-Blog #4 to be uploaded soon.  Cheers!


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