MOvIng FOrwArd

Moving on with one’s life is a daunting task.  I am the type of chick who needs things lined up in place, I become discombobulated when things go awry and life changes up on me without prior notice.  But, one is nothing if one does not “go with the flow,” or move forward and that is exactly what I am having to do, move on.  I am still in my hometown, but I am slowly trying to reconcile getting rid of some things, but having to bring some things along – personal paperwork, cats, etc. Yeap, I am stressed, but hopeful that I can make this move, although, I will have to take the plane ride with my two SEDATED pussies which have caused nightmares.

Again, life is nothing without change and change, and if I can continue to think positive with hope and faith, I will see change as a positive that everything happens for a reason like some say and that all change is inevitable, blah, blah, blah.

All right, so I cancelled a few things NOTE:  my, PO Box 192441, SF 94119 no longer exists.  I paid as much into my MANY PLETHORA of bills as I could, I am looking for places as I write this and all while finishing up a book that I want to put out there before I move.  I plan to hit my new city with something under my belt.

I have a new way of seeing things, although, I am someone who only believes in hat I see and not what I have not yet grasped.  I now firmly believe that the Universe WILL open up and give me what I envision as long as I believe what I envision is already in my grasp.  Sounds a bit Hippy Dippy and New Agey and all that, but I now believe it works.

I will enter my new abode as a working and paid novelist/playwright with renewed hope and a new and positive life with no regrets.  Back in a couple of months! LDS

Just a coupla bags of crap…good lord, the things you accumulate over ten years!


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