Happy 2012!

Well, it is almost one week into the new year and already I feel just slightly better.  “Slightly” better because the last couple of years felt like an angry dark bear with big gaping teeth and long, dirty claws, found it’s way into my 3rd story bedroom window and ripped my head right off my shoulders!  Then I woke up, drank some water and went back to sleep.

Life, as far as I believe, can be VERY hard on the human condition.  That is, just when you think you are doing okay and are very happy life gets in the way.  Your house burns to the ground; or your dog dies; your hubby or partner gives you an std;  your weave gets caught in the door of a moving city bus with you still attached running alongside screaming at the driver to “open the door!”;  your child is missing,  etc. It takes a great deal of strength and faith to muster each and every day, but it also takes a big does of reality for us humans to realize, we all of us are not promised tomorrow so, why sweat it today?

Now, some of us don’t sweat life, but those of us who do, myself included, need all the help we can get to temper the strain of life.  My help comes in the form of my two cats and my human friends who never sweat life.  One of those friends is my longtime pal, Mengesha Issac Francis who goes by the stage name “Mystro.”  On a personal level, Mengesha and I have a lot in common, we both put others before us which on many occasions proves wrong.  And of course we have the typical rejection issues like most folks, who doesn’t?  On a creative level, we are both STILL struggling in our mature ages to “make it” big in our prospective fields, he is a classically trained pianist for over 35 years and I have been writing plays for over 33 years.  I cannot believe all these years have passed, but they have.  Meanwhile, Mengesha and me, we are long overdue for our 15 minutes  of fame and then some.

Thankfully, Mengesha ended the year on a positive note, he was paid to play a gig here in the Bay Area.  I have known him over 23 years and he has never been able to come out this way.  It was a pleasure to see him and to video tape his performance, as best I could do.  He will use the tape for other prospective gigs.  We had so much fun despite his rocky start getting here, his booking agent got him the gig, but I thought she was less than stellar in her follow through.  At any rate we had a ball.  Please enjoy the below video (link) for all the music and fun.

Here’s what I have learned as I mature.  Even when your dreams become deferred because reality gets in the way, you have to work a 9 to 5 to pay bills; you get married and have kids; you are single with no one to help you; you have elderly parents to care for; whatever the case may be the world will not wait for you to reach those goals, it goes on despite your dreams.  So, whatever dreams you have that you are determined to follow, stay determined and follow them through to fruition.  And let life do it’s thing.



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