Greetings all!  I am too busy to blog or Facebook or Twit, or Tweet, or whatever that case may be.  I am, however, still amongst the living.  Not that I do not have tons to talk about including stupid foolish Hollywood people behaving stupidly and poor Mike Jackson’s trail, which I suddenly found interrupting my writing from time to time as it is intriguing.  But, I must persevere and forge forward with my  project and my project’s goal.  Good news is that I am getting some support with my project, my book, although, I am too supersitious to say what, but soon.

Okay, so here is just a “snippet,” an excerpt from one of the chapters of my book, TREASURES OF A BRONX WARRIOR; that I wrote for my mother, Doris.  I wrote it as a coffee table book of old photos my mother took in New York during the 1950s of movie stars, but there is lots of text,dialogue basically, of me badgering poor Doris into sharing her photos with the public, which she did not want to do.

This TINY excerpt is from the chapter titled, TREASURED ENCOUNTERS.  It is the only chapter with a couple of stories Doris shared with me about personal encounters she had with the stars.  This story is one of my favorites that involved Doris meeting Rock Hudson.  Wish I could say mom was a movie star groupie and slept with a few stars, but alas, that just wasn’t my mamma!!   Boo!



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