I sit at my laptop everyday and take breaks here and there.  I sit and stare at the monitor and wonder, “now what do I write?”  Yes, blog writing does not always come easy.  At least not for some of us.

Unlike creative writing, blog writing is like talking to yourself, sometimes you’ve got lots to say and sometimes you have nothing to say.  Sometimes you just want to sit and drink your coffee or tea, cruise the ‘net for a bit and sip more coffee or tea rather than type.

I always have something to say when I speak to strangers like, “nice dog,” or “excuse me…” as I walk down the street and have to pass idiots who block the sidewalk waiting or talking outside restaurants.  And when I talk to friends we immediately know what we want to say, sometimes we tell each other, “I’ll call you,” or, “hey, let me talk to you for a second.”

Okay, so  I am at my laptop with window open to my blog and I am about to write.  I have not written in awhile, still working on my writing books, but I feel like I should write something.  Write something.  Write some…oh, all right, I’ve got it!

I have absolutely nothing to write right now because I have been very busy working on book projects!  So there ya go!  Back soon.:c)

Have a nice weekend, all. L


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