Self Publishing Tango then off to a new life!


This marathon of getting up early every morning and toiling away on my book for 8 to 10 hours a day is at a bit of a crossroads. Yay!

I am just about finished putting together a first draft of my book, TREASURES OF A BRONX WARRIOR.  It looks good even though the draft won’t be a “hard cover” book and the online service I use won’t allow pages to “bleed” across – one photo on two pages.  I am confident  the style of the book will look very professional.  The hardest part is the construction including adding numbered footers and lining up the descriptive footers of the photos on various pages.   But, putting together the cover…WHOA!!!  So many twists and turns that I thought I would run naked into the street screaming for Jesus!!!  Almost did, actually.  I have stated this once and I will state this again….


The good news is I am growing more and more confident with the look of my mom’s book.  My goal, however, is to have the book  published in “hard cover” format by a traditional publisher.  That means, I want the paper to be of the best quality showcasing the photos in the best light possible.  I think photo books look better in hard cover format.

Until then I will have to make my own draft and  do a promo package in hopes to spark interest.  That includes putting out a video and tons of online notices using Twitter, Face Book, My Space and You Tube.

Yes, self publishing is a bit of a stretch, but seeing as how I am still unemployed I can only be grateful to have enough time off to devote to my craft.


I have finally decided to pack up and move away from my old hometown to a city that has more jobs and that is big enough not to discriminate against older people who are too young to retire.  Shame on you San Francisco!

It will be a stretch and it will take lots of money that I don’t yet have and resources that I don’t have, let’s face it, you cannot always depend on friends to help you out when they are too wrapped up in their own lives, right?  No worries, we are all busy on our “hustle” which is a good thing.  Despite the things I don’t have I am confident in what I do have, enough strength and courage to pull this off  somehow by myself.  I had a chance when I was younger to move to a bigger city and to have my own exciting creative life, but was scared and insecure.  Now I am too old and cranky to give a damn!  I am hopeful that by next year this time I will be far away from the city by the bay and living my life the way I have always wanted doing what makes me happy.

So there you have it.  Coffee Table book almost ready in draft form, CHECK.  Moving out preparations set in place, CHECK.   Cool.

Make your life full of promise then go out and enjoy!!!


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