Eating Out

This will be a short entry as I am busy putting together a draft of my mother’s memoir slash coffee table book titled: TREASURES OF A BRONX WARRIOR, Photographs and Memories of a Devout New Yorker, Movie Star Hopeful, Loving Mother.


Welp, I can ‘t eat out like I used to do, still unemployed.  When I do venture out, however, I truly love the experience.

Went to STRAITS restaurant a few weeks ago in the San Francisco Centre downtown Mall, I think they call it Westfield.   Went with a couple ex-coworkers.  It was a nice place, I loved the Garlic Noodles and the Curry Chicken I think it was.  The BBQ pork ribs were extremely dry for my taste and I did not like the sauce the used, but overall it was a wonderful experience, very nice servers.  There were three of us and we did not have alcohol but the tab was high, about $90 I think.

Nothing special about this post, just sayin’, “I enjoy eating out!”  And as soon as I get back on my feet I am sure I will venture out again and be amongst the single and the living.  Until then, here’s to all you folks who do imbibe that social dining experience from time to time.  Enjoy!