The Church of The Mighty Reverend Mocha Bus Pass Lady and naked stars

Pix courtesy of Perez Hilton. Caption by LDS

All right now, I am not adverse to men and women showing off their “goodies” online from their cell phones in their bathrooms, hey whatever floats your boat, right?  Problem is WHY?!  Why are you showing ALL your goodies to relative strangers, why?  Why does the general public need to see all this?

I hope this isn’t the new bare naked version Hollywood where fans are exposed to stars’ lives and their privates parts!  C’mon, do we really need to hear the ramblings of a drug addicted, mentally ill, $2 million dollar a week actor chant that he is WINNING when most of us live check to check and can barely afford to a social life?  Do we need to watch a trust fund baby boy on television in rehab crying that his parents did not love them enough which is why he abuses drugs?  Or, do we need to see a “hoochie” who gets a few million dollars for sleeping with a married sports star.  Instead of going out and making the most of her ill-gotten gold the b**ch cries in rehab that she can’t get over her dead father and her fiance who died in the World Trade Center!

We fans want our actors to act and our singers to sing.  No one wants to know what these people do behind closed doors, I mean not really.  We’ve got too much to contend with in this f**ked up economy than to focus on these people!  And now they got to be naked?!

Singer Chris Brown exposes himself in this, (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) pix from his home.  Um, hmm yea okay son you have a peenie, good for you.   But, aren’t you supposed to be re-vamping your image and singing songs and making hits after you beat the hell out of your ex-girlfriend Rhianna?  You should be showing your fans what you are working with musically, not showing the world what you did NOT beat Rhianna with the night of the attack!  Ya need help and ya need Jesus!  Until you find the help you need, “they call you ‘beat-down’, but I will just call you Chris Brown,” your sad story goes into the files of The Church of The Mighty Reverend Mocha Bus Pass Lady.

I want you to know, Chris, that whatever you are going through son, you need to take in a few important things to heart.  First, a real man NEVER physically, verbally or emotionally abuses women.  EVER.  Second, get help and spend time with your mom at a battered women’s shelter.  Maybe if you heard their stories it might  sink in that abuse is never the answer.  Perhaps your mother can share her stories as well.  Plenty women have stories of abuse whether extensive or not, believe me.  Third, donate your hard-earned money to services that educate men and boys on women’s issues.  Also, make videos against bullying.  And last, gosh I swear I thought your “package” was a lot thicker, not so skinny!!

In closing I want Chris Brown to understand that the whole world is watching his progress both professional and unfortunately personal.  The Church of The Mighty Reverend Mocha Bus Pass Lady hopes Chris gets the help he needs so that he can move forward and develop into a strong, spiritually sound happy young man. Until then, let us all give a resounding “amen”! on behalf of our poor naked peenie-showing, tat-wearing brotha Chris Brown and hope he grows up, wises up and…gosh, I really thought his peenie was a lot thicker!  Oh well.

If the above pix is photoshopped and sent out by a Chris Brown hater, you need Jesus, too!  Shame on you!  Either way, let us all say, AMEN!

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