Waaaaaay too much information, thank you!

“My husband told me I have to stop talking about his penis, but I’m so obsessed with it because I always wanted a boy. He’s always running around saying ‘boobies.’ He’s so rambunctious, and he’ll jump over everything. When I’m changing his diaper I’m always calling my husband in and saying ‘look, look at it now.’ He’s like ‘honey put the diaper on, it’s normal.’ And I’m like ‘is it normal that it should be so firm when I’m changing the diaper,’ and he’s like ‘yes, leave the kid alone.’ It’s weird, boys from girls. They don’t want to play with dolls. With girls they can sit quietly in a corner and play with dolls or books, and he wants to throw the book or jump off the bed with the doll’s head. I realize he has no fear of dying. He wants to jump off everything.”
Kimora Lee Simmons on her son

I am not a big fan of Kimora Lee Simmons.  She is a bit over bearing for my taste, her retail clothes are way over the top, I find her obnoxious, loud and a bit of a fake when she claims to be “ghetto.”  Okay, I get it, you are multi-ethnic like the president, lady good for you.  But, you don’t see Mr. Obama screaming “bring me some fried chicken and hammocks in the Oval office right now!” do you?  If you know anything about Miss Simmons she always says she’s “ghetto and black.”  What?  I don’t associate being black with being ghetto.  Well, unless I am pissed off, then yea I can be real ghetto.

Oh, I have nothing against ambitious beautiful women who use their aesthetic and exotic powers to marry for money so that they can live the lavish lifestyle they choose, hell I might even be jealous!  There’s nothing wrong with a woman who has kids with a wealthy man thereby insuring she will always have money and child support.  Then she builds her own career out of her wealthy marriage, there’s nothing wrong with that.  Then she divorces the rich guy, finds another guy, maybe not as rich, but she made her own fortune so that she can pop a million kids out of her crotch and pay for them by herself.   Brava, I say.  I love women who can handle her own.

But, Miss Simmons got to me today when I read her above-mentioned quote.  I don’t want to know how fascinated she was that her boy child got a boner when she changed his diaper.  Isn’t that normal?  Even if it isn’t normal, who needs to know?  I’ve changed male babies diapers, I know what their anatomy looks like.  What happened to parents saying things like:

“my kid is only eight months old, but he can walk!” Or,

“my child has his father’s hairline!” Or,

“my baby knows how to read and she’s only fifteen months old!” or,

“my baby punched the dog in the eye, isn’t that cute?”

What I want to know is does Miss Simmons gush over her daughter’s genitals online as well?  If so, why?  Maybe when they were born she took pix of their private parts and made a collage?  Again, nothing wrong with being a proud parent, but I am thinking you needn’t share EVERYTHING with relative strangers.  Or even share with relatives.  Maybe people might take interest if Miss Simmon’s beloved son had a peenie AND a vagi-wang.  Then again it might not be the best way to introduce your child to the world even though it would certainly generate lots of interest, speculation and tabloid curiosity.  But, do you really think your kids want to hear from their school peers that their genitals are the “hot topic” of the schoolyard?  Won’t they have enough crap to worry about?  Bullies?  Tests?  Teachers with bad breath?

My mom never mentioned things openly, she kept certain things private.  I realize these are different times than when I was a kid, but I think it still applies.  My suggestion to Miss Simmons and to anyone out there with kids comment on your kids’ accomplishments.  LOVE your kids, feed them, but whatever you do, please KEEP YOUR CHILDREN’S GENITALS TO YOURSELF!  Thank you.