Tributes, Glee and me, oh my!

Pix courtesy of Fox Broadcasting

Okay, I am trying to wrap my brain around this “Glee” thing.  I had no idea musical television was such a big deal.  I think the last time I watched people sing on television was the Brady bunch kids on their own television show back in the 70’s.

No offense to the Glee actors and actresses for scoring employment and for being part of a phenom, but honestly I could not be bothered.  Not for the acting or the story lines, I am sure they are all wonderful.  I think it’s the musical renditions of music already recorded that reminds me of, well, of upscale Karaoke.  Here’s the thing…

Some of you out there don’t care if movies are remade or music is re-sung, right?  You simply like the song and don’t mind hearing it done by different performers.  But, for me it is not the song or movie I object to it is the feeling I had when I first heard and saw the work.

Example: when the 1976 film Rocky first came out it was during the country’s Bicentennial, so everyone was pretty patriotic.  I was in my teens and having a hard enough time dealing with growing boobies and boys not seeing me as the “tom boy” I thought I was.   Then there was Sylvester Stallone, who was at that time GOR-GEE-US!  I mean, the scene when Adrian first came to his apartment and he had his arms up and those biceps and…well, anyway…

And then the music, Rocky’s theme, well it just spoke volumes to how we were all feeling back then.  But, for me in particular I cannot replace the emotions of first seeing a guy on screen with big eyes, slanted smile, deep voice and fighting for his life, and I hate boxing.  And he opened this movie during a very patriotic time, well we all wanted Rocky to win, believe me!  My point, you just can’t replace those emotions.

Another example: Journey music.  Boy, I took such a ribbing when I was in college and all the house parties blasted AC/DC or Aerosmith or Black Sabbath.  When no one was looking and I got next to the record player I put on Pat Benatar or Journey.  Pat was fine,b ut as soon as “Anyway you Like It” or “Lights” or “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin”  by Journey came on, it of course was sung by the original lead, Steve Perry, someone would push me aside and scream, “That’s not making out music and it’s not raaaawk!!” And tghe record would be scratched right off the turn table.

The experience of Perry’s voice back then evoked such emotion that I cannot bring myself to listen to imitators or people who sing like him.  My intention is not to disrespect the other men who replaced Perry when he left to retire and watch Giants baseball games.  I just like what I like and I like it to stay the way it is.  I recently  saw a video of the Glee cast singing “Don’t Stop Believin'” and well…again, just not the same emotions as back then.

I guess for me once you put it out there, it’s out there and that’s it.  I am a creature of originality, no movie remakes, no song remakes, I am comfortable the way things are, no need to change it.  I can still support tribute bands or television shows like Glee, but  I also like the old style music without voice boxes and electronic devices or whatever they’re called.  I like old drums sets, old electric guitars and I like singers who sang without special machines to pump up their voices.   That’s just my 50 pounds of middle-aged  boobs & four miles of forehead opinion.

All the best to tribute bands  all over the world and to bands still working including Journey and my best to Glee.  I say, hey do what makes you happy.  For me?  Well, I lost my old record player and what records I still have are probably warped.  But, I have a CD player and  DVD player and I just rented Rocky and now I am about to listen to some old Journey music with Greg Rollie and Steve Perry.  Yeap, I’m old and set in my way.

Last thing…..happy Friday, all!


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